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Monday, 26 March 2018


Ms Anderson,what are you doing?" I heard someone with a thick British accent say and I turned my head to look confusedly at a woman dressed in black office clothes.
"Huh?,he's getting away,I need to get that purse. Please let me go" I begged trying to go after the thief yet again but she didn't bulge.
"How did you get your clothes changed and you are sweating profusely,please come with me" she said making me fall in love with her accents.
"We need to get you to your changing room,thank heavens the concert is over,you can rest now. I thought you left with Bethany?" She asked looking at me.
What's going on?
I'm so confused right now,Bethany?
Ms Anderson?.
Who the hell are those people?
"Miss,I think there's a miss up somewhere" I need to go get my friend,I tried to explain but she smiled and opened a door and motioned me to go in. This lady didn't look like a kidnapper judging from her appropriate office dress making her look like an office worker so I stepped into the room,I got tongue tied taking in the elegant place. A huge makeup table was set at the centre of the room with a giant mirror,who uses this amount of make up. A big wardrobe filled with different designer gowns that I caught a glimpse of,a huge LCD television placed on the wall. Half eaten salad on the glass table beside the dressing room paired with a diet coke.
The owner of this dressing room must be a perfectionist.
A fashionista.
A celebrity.
A Diet freak.
I looked around searching for the lady who brought me here.
She must have left whilst you were gawking at the
room like a lost puppy.
It's not my fault that I was deprived of all these whilst growing up.
I was about leaving the room to find Lily but froze on my trail when I heard two different voices bickering childishly. One had a British accent and the other didn't.
Oh God,what am I going to do now.
They might call the cops on me.
But I was dragged in here against me will.
I can't deal with British cops right now. No way.
I searched shamelessly looking for a spot to hide myself when my eyes landed on an empty space in between two oak tables close to the wall. I nodded and fit myself into it,I glanced at a switch above my head and prayed it was the light's switch and smiled slightly when darkness filled the room.
The door opened immediately and I heard footsteps towards my direction. I closed my eyes when I heard the switch above my head being clicked on and the lights coming back to life. There was a pause coming from the person who turned on the lights until another voice intervened saving my ass.
"Daniella,I'm so tired" i heard the girl with the British accent whine.
"You didn't do anything Beth,I was the one performing remember?" the other girl who I assumed was Daniella laughed at her friend.
I heard a phone ring and signed in relief. Thank heavens it's not mine.
"I need to go now Daniella,call me when you need anything" the girl with the British accent said to her friend and I heard the door being shut.
I raised my head a little trying to see the girl left in the room but couldn't because her back was faced to me,she removed her jewelries settling down on a bean bag.
Now leave it to me ruin my own life with my own
A little vase filled with flowers fell on the floor and broke to pieces. I heard the girl gasp loudly they turned to my direction and I had no choice but to get up,i faced the wall raising my hands in surrender.
"Who are you,and what are you doing in my dressing room you imposter?" The girl Daniella yelled and I knew she was glaring at me right now so I slowly turned towards her hoping she was nice.
"Before you hand me over to the cops,please hear me out" I begged but stopped when she looked at me with wide eyes, covering her mouth with her hands. I was confused for a second until she dropped her hands from her mouth pointing nervously at me,when my eyes lingered on her,I lost my will to speak.
She is me.

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