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Saturday, 24 March 2018


Gabriella's Pov
We arrived in London just yesterday. Which I learned was the largest city in Europe. We went on a four hours hop-on hop-off tour with a English speaking guide,we were asked to pick a route from five given and we decided on the blue route covering the main central London sights.
We toured around Buckingham palace,Trafalgar square,Big Ben,Westminster Abbey and London Eye which was a nickname for the ferris wheel located at river Thames according to our Tour guide.
our school management took all expenses for this trip including huge contributions made by parents. Forty students were selected on this trip including Lily and I. Our football team were present to compete for the championship in London excluding Tyler. He had a foot injury during the last football competition qualifying our school for the finals in London.
He helped our school qualify and now he is in the hospital not participating in something he dreamt of for years. I felt really bad for him. Football was his life but the only hope he had was the doctor telling him he had a huge chance of recovering quickly and getting back on the field. Thank God.
Cheerleaders were present including Emma,and her best friend Tessa to cheer the guys on.
We had our brain squad geniuses too for the academic competitions and few other students who had the privilege to tag along. Yes including Lily and I. Mrs Blinks called us 'substitutes'
Lily and i were among the Top ten outstanding students in our school but too bad the competition requires top three outstanding students leaving us out of it,but if something went wrong we would be given an opportunity to participate.
We got to a different hotel from yesterdays' and it looked better than the previous'. We were given our respective keys to our new rooms when we got to a classy hotel in London,it's not a five star hotel though but close enough courtesy of the Academic board in England who were hosting the competition.
We were to share a room,Lily jumped over to my side clasping my hand immediately we were told to do so and i laughed at her enthusiasm.
"This place is just so perfect Gabriella, I never knew it existed" she beamed taking in the glass windows,queen sized bed,a huge bath tub in our En suite and a huge chandelier dangling in the foyer.
"I couldn't agree more" I replied jumping on the bed and closing my eyes. This is pure heaven on Earth. The bed was so soft and inviting,I laid on my stomach mumbling incoherent words unknowingly and the last thing I heard was Lilly's voice saying something between "I'm gonna have a nice cold bath in there,don't miss me loser" I smiled then drifted off to sleep.
"Wake up you big bag of fat" a voice called then I heard footsteps but didn't move. I closed my eyes once again murmuring "five more minutes please,just five more"
"If-you-don't-get-up-this-instant-Gabriella-i-will-sprinkle-cold-water-up-your-ass-and-trust-me-you-don't-wanna-know-how-it-feels. She threatened while whacking me on the butt repeatedly. I wave her off and heard her sign in defeat. I'm definitely not a morning person and she knows that already,so leave me the hell alone!.
" Gabriella please it's morning already,everyone is at the dinner table G. And the tour bus is waiting" she whined angrily.
What did she just say?
Tour bus?
We would be touring London again?
Holy mother of pizza!
And that was enough for me sprinting to the bathroom,Lily laughed clutching her stomach. I noticed she was already dressed in a tank top complemented with a jacket and denims,her brown hair was packed in a high pony tail accompanied with a shiny black hairband she stole from me yesterday. She could have just mentioned we were going on a tour instead of whacking me on the butt. Something she needs to learn.

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