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Thursday, 1 March 2018


"That's enough now Teddy bear" I laughed trying to free myself.
"Opps sorry. So where are you heading to?" she asked holding my hands.
"Just to the principal's office,ain't you having math?" I inquired furrowing my brow.
"Yes- but the principal called for my attention,I guess it's something involving you" she answered confusedly "or" she narrowed her eyes at me "are you late again?" she shook her head.
I didn't reply
"Gabriella!" She yelled
"Quiet down gee" I looked around if any one heard her scream but no one so I turned to her "fine I came in late with the help of Tyler actually" I replied bluntly .
"Ohh I called him to,now let's go find out why the principal wants our attention" she replied rolling her eyes. I bit my nails anxiously,I do that a lot whenever i'm surprised,anticipating,scared,or lonely I guess it's a part of me.
"Yes,come in" I heard principal blinks say. We got in,Mrs Blinks office was the definition of perfection,hard cover books arranged nicely on her heavy round table consisting of students records,detention sheets etc. On the wall were beautiful crafts made by some students in our school,variety of pens placed beside her office tag on the table.
"Sit" she ordered,principal Blinks was known for her straightforwardness and strict behaviour,she doesn't talk nor laugh too much she says. i t
renders your brain useles s. words of hers. We obliged and took a seat facing her.
"Let me start with you ms Grey,why the sudden change of attitude towards school?" She questioned with her prehistoric spectacles set on her nose.
"Principal Blinks I can explain" I looked at her for permission,she nodded and I continued "well you see-" I started.
"It was all my fault Mrs Blinks, I stopped for coffee on our way to school"Lily helped out clearly lying through her teeth. I smiled in gratitude and she held my palm mouthing 'you are welcome'.
"But this should be the last time you show such bad act of tardiness. Let me warn you there are great consequences" she advised. Are u kidding
me,she didn't punish why can't she behave like this permanently.
"Now the real reason I called you two" she continued "our school villebridge will be going on an academic competition more of an excursion to London for-"
"Oh my gosh!!" Lily squealed loudly but stopped after receiving a very cold glare from Mrs Blinks.
"As I was saying -" she adjusted her spectacles. "-We are up against fifty schools mostly from our province" she finished.
"Mrs Blinks,but what is the competition all about?" I suddenly asked I mean i'm really as confused as a fish on land.
"Yes,activities which includes sports,math quizzes,debates and most importantly we will be touring London" she clapped her hands amusedly..oh I get now.
"But,why are you telling us, we aren't the best when it comes to math nor sports,so why us?" I questioned, curiosity lacing in my tone.
"You will be more like bench warmers or should I say substitutes,have seen your grades you two,you are clearly one of the best in this school,so don't be modest my dear" she assured handing Lily and I forms to give to our parents,we stood up after Mrs Blinks dismissed us. We made it back to the hall way. I kept on thinking about what just went on right now,Lily and I being bench warmers. she said
substitutes you twat. I yelped feeling someone hug me.
"We are going to London!" Lily screamed hugging me tightly I rolled my eyes at her but smiled nevertheless.
"Yes Lil,i'm happy too" I replied back noticing lots of students coming out of their classes that's when I remembered that I missed history,in the words of Mr Williams due to my tardiness.

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