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Saturday, 3 March 2018


Daniella's pov
"Jared is here" my mum called from downstairs,I stared at my strikingly figure in the mirror turning my back to get a great view. It's been a month since I last saw Jared so I wanted to look perfect for him,my face heated once again and I turned a dark shade of red just thinking of him.
I brushed the imaginary dust from My dress,i'm wearing a netted blue dress. It's kind of simple
unlike me. With a tight bodice that tailors into the slight ruffled hemline. A slight trail of iridescent embroidery covers the chest to waist area,stopped by a satin flat ribbon,I got in my silver pumps and dabbed some makeup on my face,after checking my self out agai n. I murmured a quick "perfect" before winking at the mirror and dashing downstairs.
My house is quite huge,I mean gigantic. It's one of those houses you see on television and wish you'd get someday. I tallied through the hallway and lost my balance tripping on a stool,I gained my balance again but dramatically cried after realizing that I just broke my dad's one of a kind vase,it shattered to the brim in pieces that can never be arranged. I bent down trying to put the pieces back together but shamelessly failed I was now sweating profusely ruining my makeup.
"Oh my gosh,what have I done" I cried still holding a piece.
"Kira,kira,kira" I whisper yelled trying to get our house keeper's attention. She ran towards my direction and her jaw dropped while her eyes widened in realization of the taboo I just committed.
"Yeah I know" I rolled my eyes "can you get it replaced?" I questioned chewing on my nails,I do that a lot more in this kind of scenario.
"No ma'am it's one of a kind and limited,your Dad got it from Paris a long time ago you know" she remarked going into the store room to get a broom. I paced back and forth staring at my Dad's art collection in the hallway which comprises of more expensive works of arts. Why waste money
on this when you can easily get cars and other
material stuffs.
Kira came in with a broom and gathered all the pieces in a brown paper bag.
"Where are you taking that to?"
"Don't worry ma'am I will keep it hidden upstairs at the attic so Mr Anderson won't find out" she smiled sealing the bag.
"Right,thanks kira" I thanked her,she nodded and walked away. I got back on my heels passing a lot of rooms and finally stopped at the entrance to our dinning room,Mum already prepared dinner which smells divine. I licked my lips anticipating each taste of the already roasted chicken,lasagna,French fries,spaghetti, beef,pastries and different varieties of wines arranged in a chronological way.
Mum said this was the only time I get to eat all of those sweets and back to my diet ASAP.
I smiled already imagining my self munching on those food,I bite my lips nervously staring at a certain Jared. He wore a tuxedo which suits him like it was made for him,his slightly messy blonde hair giving him a perfect look,I fiddled with my fingers when his cobalt blue eyes met with my sea green ones,I averted my eyes from his quickly.
Then I realised that he actually came with his parents Mr and Mrs woods,his Dad owns one of the best shipping industry,business markets and shares in this country,whilst his Mum owns the best advanced fashion industry too. Jared told me that both his parents were forced to get married,like more of the rich who arranges marriages for their children. Jared and I both fall in that category but ours is more different and ideal. My parents wanted us to get together cause of the business agreement between the Anderson's and the Woods' but when my Mum found out that I was infatuated and fanny over Jared she was more than happy about fulfilling her child's and husband's needs.
I didn't realise that I was still glued to my position, I stepped forward shakily but was greeted by the barking sound of Luna my Lebanon,she jumped on my arms engaging her saliva all over my now sweaty face,I laughed so hard ruffling her hair,she shifted her head more into my face clearing enjoying the contact, I pat her once more then put her down. She ran back to her favourite chair and settled in. Mrs woods smiled getting up from her chair,I smiled too. We've met on several occasions like important parties and dinners but we greeted with more of the 'heys and hi's'.
"Hello there my child" she greeted enveloping me in a tight hug.
"Hey Mrs woods" I greeted back politely. She disconnected us and pinched my cheeks "call me Catharine will you,I'm not old my dear still as fit as you" she laughed holding her stomach. And that's when I actually looked at her face closely,she had bright blue eyes,tanned skin and a really stunning smile,her dark brown hair fell back and stopped on her shoulders. She is indeed really pretty I must add,i swear I saw Jared glare at his Mum obviously telling her to quiet down,so she did and held my hands bringing me to seat beside
I blushed again feeling his eyes on me "hey there" he started.
"Hi jar-
" why don't we start eating now"my dad interrupted holding his stomach,everyone laughed but I rolled my eyes at him . leave it to dad to bring
up food.
You could hear different unpleasant sounds coming from the batting of plates,forks and spoons. I clapped my hands silently seeing my Mum coming with a coconut creamy cheese cake,when it was set on the table,she silently rolled her eyes at me when i took a slice and savored the taste,I moaned silently. mum has her way around my stomach.
" So how are you Jared?,it's been a while" I asked shyly. Jared and I were walking through my dad's garden,the one closer to the lake. It has beautiful pathways made of bricks and the cloud looked like it was covered with a blanket and holes in it allowing the stars to reflect on the pathway just well adding to it's already perfect structure.
"Yes it is" he muttered solemnly, I looked at his face and frowned,he isn't smiling,or doesn't he like coming here. I cleared my throat stepping in front of him staring directly at his cobalt eyes, oh
my,stop blushing you fool he would think that you
are a freak Daniella get a hold of yourself . my subconscious mind ranted.
"Jared,what's wrong" I pouted. You are indeed a
freak. He held my hand with his and cupped my cheeks "Daniella don't you think that our parents are practically giving us away for their business agreement. It doesn't feel right" he finished,averting his eyes from mine and staring into space.
To you it doesn't, but to me it does. But I didn't tell him that,I've been hiding my feelings from him,I don't want to loose my friendship,have known him all through my life but started developing this great new feelings that give me butterflies in the tummy whenever I look at him. I don't think he feels the same but he will get used to it since we are getting engaged soon. Right?
"I know,but with time it will feel right" I assured him taking in his palms,he robbed small circles on it,smiling lightly. I know that smile,it's when he isn't sure of something he uttered.
The both of us jinked immediately at my Father's raspy voice. "Who broke my one of a kind vase,why me!!" I laughed anxiously then looked at Jared in horror.

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