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Sunday, 4 March 2018


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funk for this chapter.
Gabriella's pov🌼
I entered into my house following the back door,I inserted the key and got in. dropped the grocery bags on the counter,I was on my way to my room but paused on my tracks after hearing bickering from the kitchen,I tiptoed back and quickly hid behind the wall demarcating the kitchen from the little hallway. I almost fell on the floor laughing seeing Tyler and Matt putting on an oversized apron focusing on the batter they were making,Tyler looked amazing in it. He didn't wear anything beside the apron and some worn out jeans,the apron fits him like a second skin showing off his thick abs and muscle. I must say he looks hot in whatever he wears,his brown hair gelled to the back due to him sweating and hazel eyes sparkling as he continues babbling,sometimes I wonder why he hangs around with me when he has a lot of hot bimbos at his feet begging for a one nightstand,he is our school's golden guy,perfect face,perfect grades,his parents are wealthy and being one of the best players in our school's football team at a very early class. He is every girl's dream guy but definitely not mine,we've know each other pretty much all of our life's. I remember the first time we met,it was just like yesterday.
" Mummy where are you going to? " five year old
version of me questioned. "I want to come with
please" I gave my mum the puppy eyes, she rolled
her eyes at me.
"Not this time Gabby" she went into the store
leaving me outside,mum didn't let me in cause of
the what happened last time,I tripped and fell right
on the shelf of eggs and broke it. She was more
worried of me hurting my self than the broken
eggs,so she didn't want it to repeat itself again. I
inhaled and exhaled sharply staring directly at my
mum's retreating figure. I sat down on a cold
bench and shivered when my hands made contact
with it. I ducked my head waiting impatiently while
tapping my feet on the icy ground.
"Hey nerdie" I heard Dylan say,Dylan is the same
age as me five. He always tease and mock me at
the slightest chance he's got,he pulled down his
hoodie and stepped closer revealing his blonde hair
and freckles on his face. I was about giving him a
piece of my mind before a tiny voice interrupted.

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