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Monday, 5 March 2018


"Leave her alone Dylan,or I will make you!" I heard
a not so familiar voice threaten, I shifted my head
to get a good view to my hero,I saw a young boy
same age as Dylan and i,he had brown curly hair
with beautiful hazel eyes smiling at me,then he
shifted his gaze to glare at Dylan. "Now!!!" He
yelled,I chuckled seeing Dylan accidentally fall on
the cold ground shocked he got up and ran. I
didn't miss the sight of him bumping into trash
cans on his way out. I turned to see my hero
stretching out his hands.
"I'm Tyler Martins" he said showing of his perfect
little teeth. I giggled placing my hands on his.
"I'm Gabriella Grey" I greeted back,he grinned
before my mum came out of the mini market
looking confusedly at Tyler and our interlocked
I grinned. Since that day, I didn't see Dylan again,I heard his family travelled out or something but I didn't care at that time. Then Lily joined us in middle school and became my best friend besides Tyler.
Tyler and my little brother Matt leaned on the counter and I wondered how they didn't see me walk in. I guess they were too engrossed in the pancakes they were trying to make.
"Tyler" I heard Matt mumble.
"Yes?" Tyler questioned averting his eyes from the bowl.
"What's up with some girls,always playing so hard to get?" Matt muttered solemnly. Tyler was taken aback by that question but he looked at Matt,he smirked pointing the spatula right on Matt's chest.
"Is this about Maddie?" he asked with a puzzled expression.
"Yeah" Matt replied shaking his head "I mean no" he rephrased quickly. Tyler eyed him suspiciously.
"You are too young to talk about girls" Tyler replied and I signed in gratitude,I didn't expect that answer from him unlike Philip who leads the young boy on and gives him lectures on getting girls.

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