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Tuesday, 6 March 2018


"You know" Tyler put his hands in the batter,he pulled it out and licked it,he smiled before taking it to the stove. He brought out the pan and poured olive oil on it and turned on the stove placing the pan on it with Matt trailing behind. He continued "when I was your age I thought girls had cooties you know,how stupid of me" he laughed showing his perfect teeth and dimple.
Matt frowned "OK" he said sadly,I can't believe he is actually serious about Maddie.
.Matt has always been one who runs faster than his own shadow,he grows pretty quick and doesn't act like a normal eight year old,he started to walk,talk,run before any of his age did,he had my mum's blue eyes and dirty blonde hair. My mum said I got my looks from my dad,she said he died after I was given birth to,how devastating. I've dreamt of him sometimes holding my Mum's and I's hand walking along the park,whenever I start a conversation about him to my Mum,she simply shrugs and walks out. I guess she is in pain too. Then she got together with a man I remembered as Dante and conceived Matt,he left her afterwards I remember her calling her self 'badluck' which I don't understand. She cried herself to sleep and became a sadist,she vowed never to date again. I begged and tried to convince her but she always stomps out angrily.
Tyler turned off the stove and I must say the pancakes looks pretty attractive and I felt like going into the scene snatching it and devouring it like a hungry raccoon but stopped seeing Tyler jumping on the counter helping Matt up too,he got out his iPhone from his pocket and played Bruno mars uptown funk. Oh gosh this should be
I'm too hot (hot damn)
Called a police and a fireman
I'm too hot (hot damn)
Make a dragon wanna retire man
I'm too hot (hot damn)
Say my name,you know who I am
I'm too hot (hot damn)
Am I bad 'bout that Money
Break it down
Girls hit your hallelujah (woo)
Girls hit your hallelujah(woo)
Girls hit your Hallelujah(woo)
Cause uptown funk gon' give it to you
Cause uptown funk gon' give it to you
Cause uptown funk gon' give it to you
Saturday night and we in the spot
Don't believe me just watch(come on)
Tyler held the spatula close to his lips tightly and continued lip syncing to the song. I clutched my stomach so hard trying to retrieve my breath,leave it to me to ruin the moment. I fell on the floor trying to hold in my laughter but accidentally knock over our jar of cookies which gained Tyler and Matt's attention. Tyler face was priceless he looked between confused,surprised,scared and embarrassed then he stopped the music and got down from the counter scratching his head awkwardly. Matt gave me a malevolent glare I guess infuriated at me for intriguing in their space. It wasn't my fault that I couldn't suppress my emotions.
"Hmm. G-gabriella,when d-did you get in?" Tyler stuttered feeling beyond embarrassed.
"Well-"I started
" food fight!!" Matt yelled,oh goodness no no nothing but that.
"Matt,please not-" I was cut short when I tasted flour,I looked down on my outfit seeing it covered in dough,I turned my gaze to matt who was rolling on the tiled floor laughing. I turned to Tyler seeing him stifling a laugh he put his fist trying to denial any stray sound,I glared at them attempting to play mature and walk away but guess what. Tyler obviously from the pain launched a handful of flour on my ass,I sent him an icy glare but he ignored it continuing drowning me with the excess flour, that
does it.
I brought out a bag of flour and chased Tyler around the room targeting any thing around him I got him and poured all the flour right on his hair,matt watching intensely I rolled my eyes and continued with my devilish act.
"What is going on here!?" My mum shouted narrowing her eyes at the three of us,I froze,so as Matt,we exchanged panicked looks apprehensively, Tyler was the only one collected. She eyed us and glared again taken in our now flour pasted kitchen and our dusty attire. I shook my head and some more flour fell on the floor,I smiled anxiously looking at Tyler for a solution "Tyler do something" I mouthed.
"Why me" he asked quietly
"You obviously started it" I argued.
"No I didn't"
"Yes you did" I fought back.
"Fine" he conceded.
"Fine" I retorted mimicking him in an unpleasant way. He simply rolled his eyes walking over to my Mum.
"Mrs Grey,you look really beautiful today" he started,I gave him a thumbs up urging him to continue with whatever he was doing cause my mum was already woed.
"Why don't you have a seat while I get you some pancakes"he placed a hand on my Mum's shoulder and put her gently on the couch,he turned to the kitchen quietly pat my back and gave Matt a high five,he got out a plate and placed some pancakes on it adding strawberry syrup. He got back to the sitting room giving it to her,Mum rubbed her palms and licked her lips. I hope it tastes good as it looks
"wow,Tyler did you actually make this?"she asked munching on a piece.
"Yes,matt helped too" he smiled.
"Gabby learn from him,he is a talented chef" my Mum turned to me pointing a fork at my direction. I rolled my eyes "yes Mum" she continued to blabber on but I was much more worried about cleaning the mess we created. I smiled seeing matt holding a broom,mop and a bucket. We spent the rest of the day cleaning non stop but I must admit it was kinda fun having Tyler around,can you imagine. He made cleaning fun,we continued our lip sync battle singing and dancing stupidly to various songs.
I must admit,it was fun writing this,I hope you
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