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Wednesday, 21 March 2018


Ashi got to his hostel later that night feeling tipsy. The drinks he took had started to get to him. He opened the door only to see a slim pretty lady wearing one of Sete's Tees. It took him some seconds to remember Setufe had a 'visitor' since the previous night. He walked in and saw Sete seated on the only plastic chair in the room, sipping something from a bottle.
'Baba Setufe, I hail o, how u dey?' Ashi hailed Sete, but immediately stopped when he saw Sete wasn't smiling at him. Sete had warned him several times not to call him Setufe, as he believed Setufe was cursed while Sete was blessed.
'Errrr sorry bro, no vex, I been take one drink too many ni', Ashi apologized.
'Baby, so you bear Setufe too? What sort of funny name is that? Is that your real name or a nickname?' A tiny-voiced Fiona asked, obviously making a mockery of the name.
'Will you shut up and go ready the dinner?' Sete thundered, and immediately Fiona left the room for the kitchen.
'And you...', A visibly pissed Sete turned to Ashi.
'Baba no vex, I'm sorry, I didn't mean that', Ashi apologized again, looking serious and guilty.
'No wahala, na only you fit try am na. But how you take waka today? Na a whole day you use run the package? See as your legs dey shake for ground sef, dem no steady, dem just dey count legover without ball', Sete said laughing, making a mockery of Ashi's tipsy state.
'Baba, no mind me o, the booze don dey do me one kind. That reminds me, Ken been talk say make you help me pack bush luggage o, say you go understand', Ashi replied.
'For why na? Wetin happen?' Sete asked, looking surprised.
'Well, him say him wan monitor me and also give me some orientation before the initiation, which can come up anytime', Sete replied.
'Then how you go dey take enter classes?' Sete asked further.
'Ken don make arrangements for pesin to dey carry me go class and dey bring me back's, Ashi replied.
Sete stood up from the chair, picked up a used condom from under the bed, wrapped it in a piece of tissue paper and then looked straight into Ashi's eyes.
'Guy, you and Ken don sabi from somewhere before?' Ken asked.
'No o, the first time I met him was when you introduced us', Ashi replied, looking at his wristwatch.
'Hmm okay then, I think the guy has soft spots for you, I've observed him, it's more of a bond outside confra. I have a feeling he would be your mentor. Just be careful', Sete said, sipping his mixture again.
'Careful? I don't understand man', Ashi was confused.
'I didn't mean to scare you, it's just that if you both get too close, you could become each other's weakness. But don't worry, I would watch your back always, no fear', Sete said and started packing some stuffs Inside his big back pack.
He made a mental note of picking every necessary item he could remember, Ashi would get the consumables on his own.
'Sete, what's with the white and yellow the guys are wearing?' Ashi asked, and just then, Fiona entered with a tray of food, and had the whole room filled with its aroma.
Sete told Fiona to pack Ashi's food in a takeaway pack, as he was going to sleep in a friend's place.
'Ashi, you see ehn, all men get their color wey dem dey fly. Some dey fly red, some black, some blue, some green, some yellow, some purple. However, you would need your orientation to be gallant to decode who is who, as it's possible some mix colors. As far as I have observed Ken, them fine boys have different colours for different occasions, so I'm sorry, I don't know which one is their major color, but then, it could be white', Sete concluded.
'But why Ken people dey change color like chameleon na?' Ashi probed further.
'Alaye, I no be part of Una, when you see Ken, ask am, na part of orientation', Sete said as he cross-checked what he packed and zipped up the backpack.
They drank some Hennessy and at exactly 10pm, Ken called Ashi on his phone, telling him he was outside the hall. Sete saw Ashi to where Ken parked his car and hailed him. Ashi dropped his backpack on the back seat and hugged Sete. 'Come back alive Ashi', Sete whispered in his ears.
Ashi nodded and entered the car. Ken told Sete to constantly keep in touch with Ashi on phone and he drove off. On their way to Ken's house, Ken told Ashi the initiation was coming up that Friday, and it was going to be a big and rugged initiation. Deep down in him, Ken hoped and prayed Ashi survived the brutal initiation coming up.

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