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Friday, 23 March 2018


The following days were busy days for everyone in Ken's house. Ken had been busy having series of meetings with different people. Ashi thought maybe Ken was the Capon, as everything rested on his shoulders. Ken hardly had time for Ashi, but he made sure he was comfortable. What Ashi had to do was wake up, take his bath, eat good food, go to school, come back home, and chill with a lady. Ken had advised Ashi not to have sex from Thursday, so he would have the strength for the initiation. On Thursday night, the received a lot of guests and Ashi thought they were having a party. The visitors were fresh looking guys from different tertiary institutions, who belonged to the same fraternity as Ken. Most of the guys wore neatly pressed shirts of different colours, with 'AOL' crested on the right breast side. Ashi figured that to mean Angel of Light. Also, he figured the other guys to be intending members like himself. They all had pretty ladies by their sides and Ashi was already feeling excited. He was happy for the sort of enjoyment that he would enjoy, or so he thought. The compound was filled with exotic cars the guys brought, and Ashi overheard Ken instruct some guys to drive fast to the airport to pick up some other members. Ken looked stressed, but still managed to work rightly.
Ashi was drinking his favourite Jack Daniels booze and also playing a game on Ken's PlayStation when a guy he knew to be Flash entered. Flash told him Ken wanted to see him immediately, and Ashi dropped his game controller and drink, wore a white tee and a black jean and followed Flash. On getting to the room Ken was, he met Ken with some other guys looking excited. While some were smoking, others were drinking. However, none of them was talking. Ashi felt they were the leaders of different schools. He looked around and a face looked familiar, however, he thought it could be the booze. Ashi bowed as a sign of respect and went to Ken. 'Baba Ken, you asked to see me', he told Ken. 'Yeah, I want you to meet my brothers, senior Angels of Light', Ken said and puffed out smoke from the Cuban Cigar he was smoking.
'Good evening sirs', Ashi said, trying to sound official. He thought the gathering was official, so he decided to be official too.
The guys just nodded their heads in acknowledgement and waited for Ken to talk.
'Brothers, na him be this', Ken said and dragged Ashi to the centre of the room. The guys observed Ashi for about ten minutes and Ashi became confused. What was happening? Was he being screened out? He was scared and started to panic.
'Wetin dey fear this one? Why you dey vibrate like Nokia phone wey no dey ring? Abi dem test juju for your body?' A slim guy said at last, and the way he spoke in pidgin was funny to Ashi.
Ashi sized him up and could see that he was from 'the abroad'. A stinging slap brought Ashi to his senses.
'Baba dey talk you dey smile, wetin funny?' the guy who slapped him asked. Ashi quickly comported himself and apologized. The next day was the initiation, and he couldn't afford to fumble. Only if he knew that the initiation process had started already

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