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Sunday, 11 March 2018


'Rat I say who you be, who be you? Who give you liver, who be your backup? Wey you get mind slap me?' Snake asked visibly shaking in annoyance.
'Oya say sorry chairman!' Lalasticlala said, giving him Asiwaju a punch on his face.
'Sorry for what o?' Asiwaju asked.
'You dey form voltron abi? If I con yansh Ada here, for your presence nko?' Snake asked mockingly.
'Then I'll kill you with my bare hands, either today, or someday in the future!' Asiwaju responded, already on his feet.
Snake sized Asiwaju up from head to toe and knew he wasn't in any frat. He needed to teach him a lesson he would never forget.
'If I do, then you would pay for all the food and drinks we are eating right now', Snake said in a polished English.
He then looked at Ada who wasn't sure if Snake was serious or not, and started unhooking his belt. His boys quickly sent the remaining spectators out and locked the doors behind them. They also locked the eatery opetators in a room. Lala and Arrow held Asiwaju firmly, while he watched Snake humiliate Adamma seriously. What annoyed him most however, was that Adamma seemed to enjoy it, as she was moaning and begging for more.
Asiwaju didn't know when he started crying. His ego had been deflated by the love of his life who shamelessly, was a hoe who was even comfortable to be bleeped in the presence of others. The same girl who never allowed him to go beyond brief kisses was being shammed seriously by an ugly guy. He felt seriously intimidated. Right there and then, his quest for vengeance began. He vowed to seek justice anyway he could. He also vowed to kill Snake, even if it would cost him a lot. Snake had killed his emotions, and he was ready to take his life in return. He would sure make sure Snake pay for his sins in a brutal way.

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