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Monday, 12 March 2018


After his encounter with Snake and his boys, he became famous, as the news of his assault and bravery spread fast throughout the school like wildfire. Who was he? He was Asiwaju Adelana, popularly called Ashi. He paved the way for other students to stand up to their bullies, he fronted for the weaklings. Shortly after his encounter with Snake, Asiwaju's friend started deserting him, because they feared Snake and his boys would retaliate and they didn't want to be partakers of the hit
Also, few lecturers invited him over for lunch and dinners at intervals, just to know how he summoned the courage to face Snake and his boys. Snake was a difficult young man and also a terror, he had the school authority at their balls, simply because he was the chancellor/Founder's cousin so it was surprising when they learnt someone stood up to him. They thought he was in another cult, they wanted protection and because Asiwaju wasn't in any cult group, he couldn't offer them the needed protection.
Asiwaju was walking towards the school's multi-purpose hall one sunny afternoon when some guys approached him. They told him they needed his help and lured him into the bush to talk extensively. On getting to the bush, Asiwaju was thoroughly beaten and stripped of everything he wore. He thought Snake was behind that attack. Snake was giving him several reasons to end his life. Throughout the attack, he neither shouted nor pleaded. He had learnt not to be intimated no matter what the situation. He however gave the assaulters a tough time, as he made sure they all had cuts on their body. He knew if he escaped that assault, he would go directly for Snake's jugular.
After few minutes, Asiwaju became weak, and right then, the leader of the boys appeared with some boys as his guards, but he wasn't Snake. Instead, he was an hefty, mean looking young boy, who should be in his early twenties. He was so black that his face was almost unrecognisable.
When Asiwaju realized that was the leader of his assaulters, he was pissed. Merely looking at his face, especially his black thick lips which looked like dried cow skin made Asiwaju want to puke and he eventually spat on his face. Ashi could deduce the young man was a chain smoker, as he had several cigarette packets with him.
'Why you dey spit on my face na? U don see me before? U see me ri?' (Why did you spit on my face? Have you seen me before now?) The Don asked in a thick English-Yoruba accent.
'You look like a a like like a burnt corpse!!.. In fact, you stink!' Asiwaju replied him as he covered his nose with his hands. The Don had some serious body odour and his smoking added to it.
Don was astonished at the level of confidence Asiwaju had. Although, be had heard Asiwaju was brave and fearless, he didn't know he was that fearless. There he was, facing him without fear. Indeed, he would do the job he had for him.
'I am Gucci, Don Gucci actually...' Don said in a rather calm voice. He knew being hard on Asiwaju wouldn't work, as he wouldn't be intimated. The more he tried to move closer to Ashi, the more Ashi moved back, wearing his clothes hurriedly.
'What do you want from me?' Ashi asked, struggling with his shirt.
'I heard what you did to my eternal enemy, Snake...' He said, took a pause and puffed some smoke. 'I want you to DROP him! I mean, I want us to kill him!', he continued with a mean face. 'If you don't kill him now, he would kill you instead. Nobody has ever faced him like you did', he said and moved closer to Ashi. Asiwaju's face was lit, he never expected Snake to be after his life. He knew Don was doing that for his own selfish interest, but knowing Snake was after his life made him want to work with Don.
'See school boy, if you no fast about it, dem go do candle night for you soon o. You shaa know say Snake get serious backings for una school, him go kill you, nothing go happen. Him be senior student na', Don said convincingly. Ashi gasped and became concerned. He could not afford let Snake kill him, not when he had his parents and 'last poo' to look after when he grows older. He needed to be proactive.
'Alaye enough story, wetin u want make I do for you exactly? And who you be? I sure say you no be a student of this school, judging by your appearance', Asiwaju said and sized him up.
'Me me? For this domong? Wetin I wan dey find for school? Who certificate help? I get enough graduates for my abete wey dey do Tuale for me. School boy, leave that thing, I no dey school...', Don said proudly. 'See, that fool been raped my babe one time, I wan do my own back', Don concluded.
'Is that boy a dog? Why is he sleeping around with every lady? Asiwaju asked no-one in particular. He remembered how Snake bleeped his then girlfriend in his presence and his anger heightened. 'What do you want from me exactly? Because I won't mind to strangle him when I see him.. And... Oh! Let him thank his stars, because I don't want to be a murderer!' Asiwaju said cautiously, he still wasn't convinced.
'Really? Then try and lure him here, we would finish the job ourselves', Don said with an evil smile.
'Then I would get back to you', Ashi said and turned to leave.
'No na, you can't leave like that. No vex say my boys rack you small, them wan check if you dey gallant ni. Oya take, na 10k be this, abeg help me reason am, use am treat yourself. Na my number I write for the paper wey dey the middle, I get your number already. Holla me anytime you wan bring am, I dey at alert anytime', Don said and handed Ashi the money and a piece of paper. Asiwaju then left their midst and went to the school clinic. He needed to have his cuts cleaned and treated.

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