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Tuesday, 13 March 2018


When Asiwaju received the letter of his suspension from the university that Thursday morning, he realised the first thing to do was to run away from his parents. He knew they would be highly disappointed in him, after investing huge sums of money in him, by sending him to an expensive private university, despite their average income. He felt like a failure at that moment. He had been played by Snake and he fell for it. He had challenged Snake to a fight at the back of the school's multi-purpose hall, a ploy he decided to lure Snake to Don and his guys. Asiwaju didn't realize it was all Snake's plan, a plan to get rid of him in the university. Snake realized fast enough that if he didn't act fast, he would lose his power and respect in that school, thus, he made pacts with some guys from town to convince Asiwaju to Bleep him up. Don was one of Snake's boys, and the boys who beat Asiwaju up were from the town. Asiwaju let his revenge mission overshadow his sense of reasoning and fell into Snake's trap.
Immediately Snake got into the bush behind the hall, he was attacked by Don, and Don made Snake lay on the floor, and have Ashi a cutlass to cut Snake's limbs. Ashi protested, as that wasn't their initial arrangement. However, the feeling of the supposed victory made him agree to do it. While he still had the cutlass in his hands, the school's security members (which one of Snake's boys informed) swooped on them and arrested them all. Snake started crying and acting like Asiwaju wanted to severe his head from his body. Pictures of the scene were taken and they were all taken to the University's security office. Statements were collected from all the boys, and they were all detained. The following day, they were released after some documentation. The University's disciplinary committee later took up the matter, and after few weeks, suspended Asiwaju. The initial plan was to expel him, but several members of the university pleaded with other members for leniency, so he was suspended instead, albeit indefinitely. Snake and his boys were pardoned, and Asiwaju knew indeed, Snake had long legs. His revenge spirit got heightened at that moment. Asiwaju was asked to evacuate the school's premises immediately, with further decisions to be communicated to him later.
Having heard what happened, Adamma had dumped Snake. She realised Snake was using her and was treating her like a slut. She missed Asiwaju and wanted to go back to him. She missed his silly attitudes, his innocent look and his handsomeness. She knew she had bleeped up. The problem however was, Asiwaju had turned her into his enemy. In fact, he had plans to revenge on her someday. Ashi saw her as a cheap girl who would do anything to have power and popularity. Well, she got both from Snake.
Adamma suffered seriously in the hands of Snake. What she thought was fun, turned into pain for her. Snake would Bleep her everywhere and anywhere he wanted. At first, she enjoyed the escapades, until Snake bleeped her in the presence of her friends, who somehow recorded the act and spread the gist. The Most Beautiful Fresher was indeed a hoe. Snake didn't stop at that however, he collected money from her at intervals and literally made her his slave. She would cook for him, cleaned his room, wash his clothes, and give him sex. On few occasions, Snake had told her to bleep three of his boys together. She felt like dying. She could not have friends anymore, as everyone knew she was Snake's plaything.
In fact, Adamma once contemplated suicide, but on a second thought, she decided to be strong and make amends. She would stay strong and fight Snake, somehow, anyhow. She wanted an escape route from her misery, and Ashi was her brightest hope.
While dragging his travel bag outside the university gate on a lonely path, and contemplating where to go from there, Asiwaju's received a call from his father. His father was happy as he broke the news of Asiwaju being admitted into the Federal University of Lagos. His father asked him if he would accept the offer or continue with his education at the private university. Ashi immediately told his father he would be more than happy to change school, and infact, he would be home as soon as possible to start his education all over again. His father was happy and grateful to him, Asiwaju had just agreed to attend a cheaper and better university. What a good son he had, he thought. Having spent two days in a cheap hotel, reminiscing his activities, he finally went home to start his life all over again. He was grateful for his second chance, however, he knew he still had an unfinished business with Snake and his boys, and maybe, Adamma too.
He resumed the Federal University the following week and his first day at the school was hectic. It was nothing compared to his former school, however, he loved the school and felt at peace with himself. Nobody knew him there, and he would be a good boy throughout. What Asiwaju didn't realize right there, was that it was the birth of 'Showers of Blessings'. A figure who would be several people's nightmare.

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