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Sunday, 18 March 2018


After just a week, Ashi had adapted to his new environment. Although he had not finished his registrations, he had however started attending lectures and it was during one of the lectures that Ashi met Sete, a skinny and soft-spoken guy, at his department. Sete had a funny moutsache which made him look like a cartoon. Sete didn't look a bit like a jambite. Like many students, Ashi and Sete formed cliques at the back of the class and were stylishly disturbing the lectures. The two bonded quite well. On checking his timetable for the next day, Ashi realised he would not make it early as where he was staying at that moment was far to the school environment. Thus, he asked Sete if he could accommodate him for the night. Sete readily agreed to accommodate Ashi, and even promised to help him sort his accommodation issues with the porters, as Ashi was also posted to Sete's hall. Sete loved the aura around Ashi; he looked confident and sound.
That night, while having dinner, Ashi noticed some things about Sete. Sete's real name was Setufe, and he was a Ghanaian. He was an orphan, who lost his parents at the age of Seven. Afterwards, he ran away from home when his aunts who took turns to look after him labelled him a serial killer and a witch. The agony was too much for him to bear, so he ran away from home. He escaped to Nigeria as a stowaway, who hid in the aeroplane tyre compartment. It was a miracle that he survived that act. When he got to the Mauritala Mohammed Airport, it dawned on him that he was lost. He had nowhere to go, sleep, and nothing to eat. He could barely speak in English, as he was used to Akan language, his mother tongue. Setufe roamed about the street of Lagos that day, and when it was night without making headway, he entered a church to relax. He didn't know when he slept off. He was still sleeping peacefully on one of the benches when he felt a thunderous spank on his left buttock. His legs went limp immediately. At first, because it was dark, he couldn't see clearly who had spanked him, all he heard were voices. He even thought they were angels in coloured clothes shouting hallelujah. Another slap on his face cleared his blurry vision and he saw properly. He then realized they were no angels, but mortal men and women who obviously had come for a church program.

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