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Friday, 2 March 2018


I heard Aiden mutter "she shows a lot of emotions for something irrelevant. Check" in a sing tone. I rolled my eyes and leaned into my seat.
Ethan whispered something in Alyssia's ears which caused her to giggle and kiss him briefly on the lips. love oh love,i cooed silently. At the corner of my eyes,I saw Max staring at Amber passionately when she talked and laughed but Amber seemed oblivious or she pretended not to care about his feelings. If she did,then she must be a great actor then. Poor guy.
He stared at her with a longing feeling like a little boy gawking at car race toys although he knows he can't get those toys due to the large glass walls demarcating them but in this case,the glass walls happens to be Max insecurities. He needs to tell her unless he gets ruined.
I wonder what it's like falling in love,how it felt like kissing someone you love. But my daydreaming got interrupted by a certain green eyed monster...
"Hey kiddo,you don't look like someone to go to a party. You don't look like the type,you know-- drunk guys,hormonal teens?" He whispered pursing his lips.
I turned around to see if anyone heard him but no one did. What does he mean by I'm not the type. Yeah,sure I've not been to any before but that doesn't mean I can't take care of my self if I ever did attend one.
Then it dawned on me fast like a truck,it's a warning. Aiden cared. Before I could think twice the words came flying out of my mouth.
"Why do you care?" I prodded shyly which gained the others attention.
He looked at me briefly something intent flickering in his green eyes. Like nothing happened,he cleared his throat motioning to Ralph. Ralph was confused for a sec then he smiled saying..
"He can't possibly see another drunken girl running around almost naked yelling. Iron man got my pants!" Ralph waved his hands all over the place making everyone burst into fits of laughter.
Charlotte hid her face with her palms embarrassingly,her platinum blonde hair falling all over her face and groaned whispering "like you haven't seen me naked before" referring to Aiden.
And with that I choked on my coke and suddenly felt nauseous.
Guys what do you think,isn't this a good excuse
for throwing up in front of everyone in the
Yeah right.
Seriously,a man whore. I mean Amber did mention this though thinking of it. Aiden didn't say anything and returned to his lunch whispering incoherent words.
"So Tamara--" I turned to Harry.
" well- hmm,so before the party at nine. I- I wanted us to like- like you know hang out a little before meeting the guys" Harry looked at me shyly.
"Wow Tamara,you turned Harry into a stuttering pig" Ralph laughed causing a knock on the head from Harry.
"Don't get all defensive now,you can't even ask her on a date and you call your self the lady's man. How shameful" Ralph snickered mockingly. I didn't know what to say,nobody ever asked me on a date before let alone an 'Asher'. I felt giddy,feeling the butterflies in my stomach making a blush creep it's way on my caramel skin leaving tingles in every part of my body.
"Lady's man huh" I smiled looking at Harry "and sure I'd love to hangout"
He smiled mouthing a quick "mahLady"
We all jinked in fear when we heard a table being scraped on the ground and seeing Aiden's retreating tall figure walking away and disappearing into the cafeteria doors. I looked at the guys,they simply shrugged and just in time the bell rang signaling the end of lunch.
"Hey mummy,sweet mummy" I cooed twirling a strand of my mum's dark brown hair.
I was in my grandma's restaurant which was impressively busy as hell today and my grandma needed someone to manage the whole restaurant since the manager went home early today for family traumas and my grandma couldn't do it all alone so she called for her daughter's(my mum) hand.
I've been trying to get my mum's attention since I got here from school but couldn't get it owning to the bills and cheques my mother was trying to put together. It's now or never.
"So mum- well there is a- um" I was trying to look for the right words to use on my mum. "a kind of social gathering for teens tomorrow with little music to get it all- you know- alive" I finished nervously waiting on her reply.
"OK" she replied briefly.
"MUM,WHY CAN'T YOU JUST UNDERSTAND,I NEED A SOCIAL LIFE BUT GUESS WHAT?,YOU SAID NO TO ME HOW CAN YOU BE SO SEL--" I ranted moving all over the place proving my point but paused and looked at my mum with wide eyes. She said OK,she freaking said OK.
Now,how's that possible?
"Mum are you mad or something?,I know you are really busy but that doesn't mean you can make weird decisions?"
"You're kidding me right?, if I did say no I know the kind of rage and curses I would receive. Now look, I agreed and see what I got" my mum motioned to my grandma who was smiling at us. She was only sixty years but looked younger,she had blonde hair and pale blue eyes. No doubt she was pretty while in her glory days.
"You know Tamara,your mum had a bit of your rage while growing up,and do you know what your grandpa told me?" She chuckled richly. I quickly ignored her,not in the mood for her old stories that she finds amusing. Believe me when I say I love my grandma but she sometimes laugh to things not worth displaying your dentals for.
"Grandma,I have the best mother in the world, and It's all thanks to you" I jogged over to give my grandma a bone crushing hug causing her to giggle softly.
"Be back by twelve young Lady,nothing more" my mum warned and I nodded muttering "Aye captain" placing my fingers on my forehead then quickly putting it down.
"So since,we are all in our heebie-jeebies moment-" I started
"There is a field trip excursion coming up next week and I know for sure mum will let me because she is the absolute best,yay!...goodbye everyone I have some planning to do- whaoh" I waved my hands in the air walking joyfully to the door of my grandma's office but stopped in my track after hearing a horrifying statement that murdered me both physically,spiritually,mentally and let's not forget emotionally.
She cursed.
My mum doesn't just curse.

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