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Thursday, 29 March 2018


'3months later'
3months had passed already so fast i could hardly believe it but here i was surviving highschool and not mention living with Daniel was getting a lot easier as each month passed. My friendship with Bryan had gotten much closer. I was much comfortable having him around,mostly because he was easier to talk to although people at school had made up their minds that Bryan was my boyfriend. I didn't care much about their suspicions plus Bryan didn't mind, we actually laughed at the matter.
I was still bothered about the last encounter i had at the school three months ago,i still wonder if the voices i had and the secret door were all just some stupid illusion i was having because i was so scared. I had actually talked to Bryan about it two weeks after the event but he had told me it was all in my head and he said anxiety makes one see or hear things that are not there,i believed him because it actually made sense and i googled it up on the internet of course.
I still miss Canada,the snow and my mother. No matter how much I try not to miss her I tend to miss her even more. I still wonder what had gotten into her but I can't find a logical explanation for her behavior. So I try to forget everything and pretending like it never happened keeps me going everyday.
Today was a cloudy Saturday,the sky was covered in dark gray stormy clouds that looked like huge cushions filled with heavy rocks about to drop on earth because of their weight ,at least that's how i saw them. The sun was completely blocked by the huge gray clouds but there was a bit of dim light. I liked the cold humid weather rather than the annoying hot weather Zimbabwe experiences most of the time.
I didn't mind the beautiful clear blue skies we had but damn i could swear the sun here loves roasting my skin which is why i preferred the weather cold and cloudy so the clouds could block the sun for me.
It was ten o'clock in the morning but i was still in bed,i was still feeling lazy and tired mostly because i had a habit of sleeping late even though Daniel was against that habit. I couldn't help myself I'm used to sleeping late at around 11pm to 1am.
I was lost in my own thoughts looking up at my white ceiling when a loud knock distracted me from my beautiful,peaceful thoughts,i quickly sat up straight "Yes!Come in" i called out knowing it was Daniel. He walked in with a rather amused face"goodmorning Prisca,how are you today seems like you still enjoying your sleep .Did i intrude?"
he said knowing that this would make me shy considering normal people would have been awake doing chores or working in their gardens at this time.
I gave out a faint smile,i could feel my ears turning red." well i was just getting ready to get out of bed, plus i was already awake since seven
o'clock." I defended myself , "just feeling a bit lazy today,the weather seems to be bringing me down today"i smiled smugly.
he let out a defeated sigh, "okay then, please come down for your late breakfast . Oh ,not to forget Sarah wont be coming today her son isn't feeling so well today but the house isn't so dirty considering the lovely cleaning up she always leaves the house in..." he smiled and gave out a very odd devilish smirk,now i was just getting ready for his next words knowing i wasn't going to like them,i shrugged as he continued "but my lazy daughter it would be wonderful if you cleaned up your fathers storeroom today,very kind of you..wouldn't it"
'GREAT' i thought to myself annoyed considering how much i hated cleaning or anything associated with hardwork,i rolled my eyes , " of course Daniel i would love to clean up your dirty storeroom,its going to be just great" , i watched as Daniel headed for the door he looked back with an annoying smile that was a result of his victory.
I had my breakfast rather a bit late at about 11:30am because of my hair which took me almost thirty minutes to straighten and untangle the rough knots,it was more of a battle with my hair rather frustrating. I heard a knock on the front kitchen door before i could finish my glass of orange juice,i rolled my eyes.
"coming!" i walked to the front door , "Oh Bryan, i should have guessed it was you" i said with a bored look letting him in. I eyed him up and down .He looked so good in his black leather jacket and his pure blond hair was a bit scruffy,his eyes were usually green but i had come to realize how they got a bit lighter in the cold weather.
"well you should have but you didn't," he said winking his left eye " whatsup for today? Are we hanging out or do you have something else in mind" he said taking a sit on the other side of the kitchen table.
"well we could go out to get a Pizza then watch a movie at your place,right after you help me clean up the storeroom," i said fast and chuckled after seeing Bryan's expression, "uh after 'we' clean up?
hahaha please count me out of that part," he said putting his hands up. I laughed at that , "No come on it will only take a few minutes" i pleaded with a grin plastered on my face.
The storeroom was right in the garage,in fact it was actually another room in the garage which i never liked going into unless i had to get a few gardening tools. It was dark and a bit dirty,i opened the door and shrugged when we entered. I looked at Bryan and sighed "welcome to the dungeon" i said with a bit of sarcasm.
He coughed out a laugh" I'm sure we can handle it,a bit of dusting and sweeping can do the trick".
I rolled my eyes, "since you so optimistic about it shall we start then".
Cleaning the storeroom was so boring i swear if a person could die of boredom i would be the first and it seemed as if Bryan was beginning to feel the same way,i looked at his annoyed face as he dusted a few old dusty books he looked so funny i had to laugh "still feeling optimistic dear Bryan boy" i said out loud,he burst out laughing dropping one of the books he was holding "yeah very funny Priscilla...very funny" he knelt down to pick the book up and a few pages that were oddly folded in the book,we both looked at each other with a suspicious look
"well what have we here?" he said unfolding the pages,i walked towards him and knelt right next to him curious about what was written inside "READ!!!" i said impatiently and he smiled
"patience my reading" i sighed annoyed then he began to read one of the pages which was covered in dust it was an old book made out of guava paper,it looked some centuries old "okay its a letter 'dear Lena,i am so happy i have come to write this letter to you its been a long time since we last sent each other our greetings sadly Lena i have written this letter without good news. The Hellhounds are after the last of us they want to destroy the rest of our generation that remains,the earth protectors have been dreadfully murdered in cold blood!Lena you must tell the others,you must run my sister. The way things are going aren't good, they have figured out your future that your daughter carries the next protector,do not try to come and save me because by the time you come they would have already burnt me to ashes. I love you my sister we will meet in the next life,For now protector protect your daughter,protect her and her son Daniel McHawl and he will give you your
saviour,the fire that will burn evil to ashes.WITH LOVE Elizabeth McHawl"

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