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Saturday, 31 March 2018


*WARNING _Self edited chapters ahead,please
mind my errors*
"what do you mean?" i asked the girl almost in a whisper,she looked at me yet her eyes looked as if she was seeing right through my soul. "The new moon will open your eyes,the new moon will be your light,trust the new...", before she could finish her statement the blond guy grabbed her hand and she snapped out of whatever was going on with her,she looked terrified "I'm sorry ,Sophie gets a little bit weird sometimes and she starts saying things that don't make sense,again sorry about that" the guy said his green eyes staring at the girl,i got her name was Sophie.
Sophie blinked a couple of times then she smiled,a forced smile although she was still terrified to even look right at me "I'm sorry i didn't mean to scare you or anything,excuse us" she held on to the guys hand tightly and they walked away.I just nodded when they apologized because i was still wondering about what had just happened then the pizza lady disturbed whatever thoughts i was having. " Heres your order ma'am." I took the pizza and when i turned back to return to my table i realized Bryan had been looking at me with a very curious face,i sat down while he still stared "its very bad to stare you know" i said knowing that he had seen me with the red head .He shrugged "so what did you two talk about,seems like you know each other pretty well" he opened the box of pizza and took a glimpse at the group .I sighed "i don't actually,she just did the weirdest thing i almost freaked out" . Bryan widened his eyes "well fill me in please",he said with a hint of amusement .S omeone seemed excited.
I took my time explaining what Sophie said and described the look she had on her face while we finished our pizza;the group had already left and Sophie kept on staring at me as if i had murdered someone.
"oh my word i told you that crew is fucken weird they have issues,so you saying her eyes went blank like bond paper!,that's some messed up shit right there". I laughed at Bryan's response "bryan you swearing again,besides i think the blond guy
lied, there is something going on here and I'm going to figure it out" i was determined to know what was going on and Bryan seemed pretty excited about everything which made me giggle a little. I felt my phone buzz in my pocket ,it was Daniel "shit!Bryan we late,i was supposed to be home an hour ago", i picked up the call and breathed in deep knowing that Daniel must be so angry and worried"hello", i said softly and heard him sigh, "where the hell are you Priscilla its already past seven for heavens sake" he sounded really annoyed but relieved that i was okay. At least he wasn't angry, "im sorry we on our way Daniel don't worry,we just forgot about the time but don't worry da..." oh my gosh i almost called him dad! .There was silence and i could have sworn he was smiling over the phone "its okay just make sure you get back home safely because if you don't your friend Bryan will be in for it" then he hung up.
I got home ten minutes later.Daniel was sitting on the couch eating his supper and i kind of felt bad that he had to prepare supper on his own,i took a deep breath before entering the lounge were he was "hi..." i said sitting next to him,he looked at me then back at the television,he was watching 'cake boss' "good evening Prisca how was your date" he said,i knew he was being sarcastic "it
wasn't a date and I'm sorry i got a little bit off track with the time" (me on a date with Bryan geez give me a break)i thought to myself.Daniel was still giving me an attitude, i could see that he was a bit mad at me for coming late. "if you say so,if you hungry i prepared supper its in the oven". I really felt bad,i had already eaten a large pizza with Bryan "its okay Daniel i ate already thanks,I'm gonna go take a shower then sleep,goodnight I'm really tired" i gave him a kiss on the cheek then i ran upstairs
After the shower i sat by my window and the night was so beautiful it was a full moon,i could see the beautiful clear blue sky and it calmed my nerves somehow i felt relieved,before i knew it i fell asleep on the couch by my window.
When i opened my eyes i was in a dark forest,i wondered were the full moon had disappeared to.I looked around and still how the hell did i get here at this time Daniel would go out of his mind if he found out i was gone i have to get back home.I started walking faster and faster in my night gown but it seemed as if i wasnt getting anywhere and it was frustrating.I felt scared and confused,i started walking again around the dark forest hoping i would recognize where i was but instead i heard a voice,the same voice i heard the on my first day at
school I h ello !hello who is there!' the voice didn't answer instead other voices joined in,"Priscilla the new moon will unfold the truth,open your heart open your soul and the power in you will review your gift and your gift will protect the unseen,the
hiddens" i fell down on the hard ground tears warming up my cheeks i was scared to death,what was happening to me .I closed my eyes hoping it would all go away but instead the voices kept getting louder repeating the same thing .When i opened my eyes the full moon appeared out of nowhere it was so beautiful but the voices were still there haunting me but they began to sound more like a chanting song,the light of the moon torched me as if i was in the spotlight and i began to glow .I stood quickly and looked at my hands and my feet'oh my god!'i exclaimed,i felt heat rise up my body and fell back down'oh my god,please somebody help me!Daniel!' nobody helped me or came to my rescue,my body was burning inside out ,i was on FIRE!i started screaming for the voices to stop,for help,for Daniel..i was burning yet i was still alive and my body was still intact.
It was when i heard Daniels voice when i stopped screaming,he heard me he was going to save me. "Prisca!wake up hun,wake up" i opened my eyes Daniel was beside me wiping my tears and my forhead with a wet towel.I sat up straight and looked around me i was still in my room sitting on the couch next to my large window (what the heck?it was a dream) i thought to myself before Daniel said something "are you okay you burning up like hell" i looked at him still confused "i...dont...i
dont know...i feel" i stammered,i felt fine actually but i still felt hot like really hot "i...feel hot" i told him.Somehow Daniel looked at me with a knowing face as if he knew something but was scared to tell me "you just had a very bad dream didn't you?what was it about?" he asked concerned,i didnt want to talk about it right now and i felt very weak and tired as if i had run in some cross country run
"im really tired Daniel and im scared,it felt so real an..." before i could finish my statement he cut in
"its okay sweetheart you can tell me tomorrow,i will stay by your side for a while till you fall asleep ,okay?" i felt relieved and safe after hearing he would be by my side,i smiled at him "thank you dad" i said as he put a blanket over me,then i closed my eyes but i caught his billion dollar smile,i had just called Daniel dad.
So guys i enjoyed writing this chapter!I hope you enjoyed reading it as well please leave your comments eyyy and prepare for the next breathtaking chapter,remember it only gets more interesting

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