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Saturday, 31 March 2018


Technologically,  the world is accelerating fast, even faster that it used to be,  gadgets are upgrading with new and mind-blowing features.  In the aspect of smart phones, we have different of it kinds,  the Androids,  iPhones and all, which all has great features in them as they are upgraded yearly or monthly.
And in the case of social medias, new apps have been invented,  while some apps are actually not relevant anymore,  though they still exist and they also upgrade often,  but people are now exposed to new things.
Amongst the really active apps today,  like Facebook, whatsapp,  instagram,  twitter e. t. c,  Facebook has always been an app of utility in the aspect of keeping previous records of every users,  it has been the foundation of all social networks then,   and till now, it has always been,   and always updated,  many people make their income on facebook with the new features and opportunities. However there is a special feature on facebook that always triggers people,  in the aspect of saving records,  most especially pictures. The total number of your pictures,  the contents, the quantities,  the qualities, the seasons, and the dates predicts how long a user has been on facebook.
People change phones more often today because of the upgrading and advancements in new products,  some people change phones more than 3 times annually,  in this process, all the pictures on each phone used disappears,  you could never get them back, unless they had been uploaded on facebook, It keeps the records for you,  on getting another phone, in as much that you could remember your facebook login,  you can always get those pictures back, most especially the ones you love,  So we can automatically say even facebook gallery is more sufficient and efficient than the gallery of the phones we use, simply because phones can be changed,  even if you don't change it. It gets odd and tattered even after a year, one would love to purchase new and latest products of such,  but facebook can't be changed,  so far the login details are always provided, the feature has been there from the onset,  till now,  even if you lose your account, due to some errors or the other, you can easily search it out from another account and get your pictures back,  unless its blocked by facebook admin.
So it can stoutly be admitted that facebook is the best app that keeps records.

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