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Thursday, 5 April 2018


It's been thirty minutes since I informed Push about our brief meeting.
I expected him to be here on time. Even before I got here.
Of course, it's been ages we saw but once in a while we keep in touch.
Back then in England, we used to work as bodyguards to one of the most feared men in the country.
I was only 19 when I signed up for the job. People rather thought I was older because of my features. And that, I wouldn't blame them. I love to work out.
Our boss sold illegal drugs to some health establishments that weren't yet government authorized and we helped him clear his name whenever things were about to go down.
We made sure anyone who tried to spill the truth was either locked up or silenced if they refuse to cooperate.
The boss was so fund of me, he made me the head of all operations.
One faithful Thursday we were out to deliver the package, some imbecile who worked as a spy in the company managed to fuck everything up and we were caught red handed by the cops and jailed. Luckily for me, I had connections that got me out, so I had to get my partner out too. Our boss had his own hell to face, he lost everything in just a day. He couldn't bear the shame of walking out of his house in handcuffs or even the thought of himself in prison so he committed suicide.
No one apart from Anne knew about my job in England and it has been her leverage from me until I moved out of England.
I just don't understand how in devil's name she found me here again.
I moved into Weirstera Lane to start a new life. Become something more useful for myself. As others may say, run away from my past.
It took me few years to meet Jake who introduced me to Edwin and Quinn.
Another year again to meet her noble friend Gabrielle who I've come to cherish.
But if some fool threatens her life. I guess It's hello to my past because I'll make sure I feed his flesh to him before I kill him.
The knock on my car glass brought me back to reality and I unlocked the car.
"What took you so long?" I shook Push's hand as he got in.
"Wife issues man.. We expecting soon" he smiled broadly rubbing his palms together.
"Splash! Congratulations Daddy push" I mocked.
Me and my baby soon, I know it'll be us very soon. That's why I need to set things right now.
"Thanks man. What's up though?" He asked with complete attention.
"I need you to help me get someone. He's threatening the life of a lady so dear to me" I sighed.
"Anne?" He raised his brows.
"Not that demon" I scoffed.
"Someone I'm dating now. Her name is Gabrielle Salvador"
"Oh man..a latina? They've got serious mental issues but damn You're lucky bro" he laughed.
"I know, I know..but she is a great person once you get to know her" Lord knows I feel lucky right now.
"Got a picture of the problem dude? A name or something?" He inquired.
"Picture? No. Name, Travis. Works at Barry B's Pawn shop at Chinatown street. You're very good with tracking people down no matter how deep a tunnel they hid and I trust you that's why I called you" I ran my hands through my hair.
"Wow this is the first time you're worried about a girl you really like...I'm impressed. I'll help you as long as you agree to be my son's godfather" he raised his brows for a positive answer.
"Without a doubt, I will" we shook hands before he left and I drove off to pick Gabrielle.
I waited for her to finish up with everything as she was on duty to close the café. Her brothers were clung onto my legs demanding for pizza endlessly! I almost lost it.. I had to actually order pizza so they could stop whining.
Gabby said nothing against them. All she did was laugh and mock my poor skills of handling children.
No correction to her mockery, I am terrible with kids. It's either I bribe them to love me or they trick me to bribe them. But above all, I love kids a lot and would love to have them with the woman I've fallen deeply for.
Though, would she still love me if she finds out about my past? Will she see am as someone else and not her love?
I wouldn't want to loose her to something I was involved in my past, I don't even want her to get to know that side of me. It's a huge shame. Even I have tried to forget it but it haunts me every night.
The only night I felt peace was when she spent the night with me. That's one of the things she's capable of doing to me.
"Oyi Romeo!" She broke my thoughts throwing a napkin at me.
Her brothers let out a giggle as they munched their pizza.
"Ouì princess?" I bowed.
She leaned on the counter and placed her hands on her cheeks "Mind telling me how the meeting with Travis went?"
Oh crap.
"I haven't found him yet. I asked a friend to help me while I look after you here" I explained.
"A friend. Did I know him or her?" She stressed the 'her'.
"It's a he. And no, you don't know him. He's an old friend. You'll meet him someday perhaps if you'd want to" I just hope she doesn't agree to.
"Okay. Well I'm ready to go now" she stretched.
"Babe, I wanna ask you for a favour" I sat opposite where she stood.
"Sure, anything I could help you with" she smiled warmly.
"Stay with me till I find out whoever it is that is threatening your life..please?" I pleaded.
"I'm sorry, what?" She laughed nervously.
"My love, the one who sent you that package is still out there. Probably watching us now. Waiting to see when you're alone so he could strike again and I don't want to take chances Gabby. " I looked into her beautiful eyes as she stood without a word.
"I can take care of myself, you know that" she protested.
"Yes, I know. You're independent and strong but I think this is a different case." I tried to make her understand but she held her hands up for me to wait.
"Different case? How do you mean?" She furrowed her brows.
I sighed" it's your life Gabby, I don't want you hurt or your brothers"
"No one is hurting me. Or my brothers. I'm scared. Yes. But, I don't think it's gonna get that bad" she pushed her hair beside her ear.
"Hey.." I held her hand and pulled her into my arms.
"Trust me on this one. Let's go to your place, get your things then over to my place. You and I know you love it there with me"
"Oh shut up" she giggled as she wrapped her little arms around my waist.
"Okay thumbellina" I mocked at her petite structure causing her to hit my tummy.
/// Arriving at Gabby's///
"Babe come help me out!" She yelled as she fought to open the door.
I made sure, the carlocks and alarm were all activated because the boys were asleep in the car.
"Christ!!" She screamed at the top of her voice.
I dashed into the house to find the place completely wrecked. The furniture were destroyed beyond repair and the TV set was gone. Together with the big stereo that stayed beside her CD plate rack. There were words written by what seemed like blood on the walls of the house.
"Who would do this to me?!" She ran her hands over her face in anger.
"Is this..blood?"
I moved closer to test my guess and then all of a sudden! The house was evaded with bullets flying in from here and there.
"Get down baby! Get down!"

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