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Thursday, 26 April 2018


"Babe?!!" She called out.
"I'm just take cover and don't try to move" I instructed.
If only I carried my gun everywhere I went, I would have caught the bastard responsible for this. Well I know one thing for sure, that's gonna change from now on.
I quickly dialed the emergency number explaining to them the situation at hand. In no minute, the gun fight died off. It was like they knew the cops would be there soon.
This has gotten worse than I imagined it to be.
When I was sure they were really gone, I bolted to find Gabby who was all scared and shaky.
" brothers!" She pushed me out as she made her way through the door.
"B...babe, open it up" she said tried to speak but her words found it hard to escape her mouth.
She watched patiently as I opened it up, thankfully her brothers were at the back hiding their lives out.
If I hadn't locked the car up, who knows what they could have done to the boys? Kidnapped or worse, the flying bullets would have hit them dead.
"Oh my God.. I.." She cried through her words as she helped her brothers get out the car.
"Baby..don't. Please. We're fine now. They're gone" I consoled her.
"What happened Gabby? Uncle Luke, there were gun sounds everywhere" George questioned.
"It's okay now buddy, were you hit? Alberto?" I inquired, checking them and they both shook their heads; still scared at the fact that their lives were flashing before their eyes few minutes ago.
"What did I ever do? First, they stalk me, deliver a weird package to me; now, they want me dead?!" She cried.
" did absolutely nothing wrong. You hear me? You're never coming back here alone or even going out alone. As for work tomorrow, I'll let your boss know you won't make it. I need you to be safe, feel safe and be relaxed. I will find out whoever is responsible for this" I promised as I kissed her forehead.
I was expecting her to protest at my instruction but she did nothing of such. She just held onto I and her brothers tight before she finally spoke.
"Let's go home"
I kept my eyes and entire body alert for any unforeseen circumstance. I can't believe what just happened back there!
If I didn't pick her up, they would have definitely killed her and her brothers.
Who could this be?
No, I don't think so. Not that I'm hundred percent certain at her innocence but I promised Gabby I wouldn't be all up on her issue. To move on, you have to let go.
"Babe?" Gabby broke into my thoughts and I came to the notice that she had been watching me.
Don't lie to her Luke..
I parked the car in the garage and stared into thin air like I had lost my mind. No doubt, I have.
"What exactly is wrong? I get it maybe. You're worried about tonight's incident. I am too, I mean..who knows? I would've been dead by now or my brothers hurt but thankfully we're fine. Please don't feel bad" she placed her delicate hands on my lap to ease the tension in me.
I sighed "Anything for you babe. Let's get you all inside. Its getting cold"
She nodded and stepped out while quite George and Alberto followed.
It might take a while before they recover from the tension, but they'll live through it just fine.
Immediately we opened the door, our eyes met two figures hitting it off underneath a blanket on the sofa.
Gabby quickly covered Alberto's eyes and I, George's.
"Oh my God..Stop! Jesus...get the fuck up.." Quinn pushed Edwin off and reached for her clothing which was abandoned on the floor.
Gabby and I just stood there, somewhat ashamed of the clowns we had as friends who chose to perform their adventures any and everywhere they found themselves.
"I honestly thought you'd arrive late"
"Guys we're so sorry"


  1. been waiting for the rest and its so short.pls update more, i love the story.

  2. I have updated, thank you
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