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Friday, 27 April 2018


They got conflicted with their words as they tried to explain and we couldn't help but laugh.
"You!" Quinn yelled pointing her finger at Gabby.
"Hi?" Gabby smiled unsurely.
"So much for best friends" Quinn sulked.
"I know, I'm a bitch. The worst one..I'm so sorry I left you out in the blue. Lots of stuff's been going on lately" Gabby tried to explain.
"Mmh hmm" She hummed and Gabby walked over to her for a hug.
"Okay ladies and boys, Seems like Aunt Quinn is spending the night" I announced.
"Yay!!" The kids chorused.
"Oh hell, I didn't notice them.. Oh babies, come here"
" Edwin? Mind if we have a chat outside?" I requested. Obviously, the ladies had catch ups to do and I wouldn't wanna ruin their girl talk with my presence.
"Sure" Edwin and I found our way to the balcony.
The still dark night still had it's calm breeze that brought peace to me even when it seemed like karma was coming back at me. The trees swayed back and forth to it's rhythm. Street lights gleaming out proving the theory that darkness cannot comprehend light.
Edwin has been my backbone since I got to this town. He knows nothing about my past but if I were wiser then, I would have been honest with him.
"Gabby is in danger, bro." I fessed.
"What?" His face went blank.
"She complained to me earlier about someone stalking her and when I dropped her off at her place so we could pick things up, we were attacked by unknown gun men" I bit my lip trying to control my anger.
"She could've been hurt" I felt a lump in my throat at the thought of that.
"Who the fuck would wanna hurt her? Dude, you reported to the cops yet?" His questions caused me to let out a little chuckle. Not that it was funny or anything but that whoever it is, is going straight to hell when I set my eyes on them.
"I did. I just want your approval of her staying here with us till things are sorted out" I explained.
"My approval?" He grinned.
"Bro, it's our house. I have no problem with your decisions. Just take it easy, okay? I know they'll be safe here" he added giving me a pat on my shoulder.
"Thanks bro" we shook hands as we got back in to meet up with the ladies.
Gabby was so caught up in her conversation with Quinn she didn't notice when I took her bags upstairs to our room. Yes 'ours'.
Her brother's were sleeping next door to us while Quinn and Edwin had to share a room too. Lord knows I'm glad it's far from ours.
I put up the heater while I took my time to shave. I hated the facial hair that grew out of place. Sometimes I stalk Toni Mahfud's pictures and wonder how in hell's existence his facial hair grow impeccably. Head and shoulder? Nope, that stuff gives the worst comfort to me so far.
"Babe? What you doing?" Gabby said in a disembodied voice.
"Just shaving, love" she pushed the door open and found her way to the toilet.
"Don't tell me" I gave her the evil eye.
"That I want to excrete waste? Okay I won't" she smirked putting her hair in a loose bun.
"Aha! So you finally wanna murder me?" I said as I cleaned the shaving cream off my face.
"If you leave, no kissing for tonight" she threatened.
"Were you planning to?" The smile on her face said it all.
"I'm only going to shower now because it's cold and I'm tired not because of you." She burst into laughter and in less than few minutes, the entire place was infected with bad odour.
After solid twenty minutes, I gave up acting strong.
"I can't... Take this anymore" with my hand on my nose and the other waving at her, I escaped hell.
The sound of my phone ringing all over the quiet room woke me up.
It was Push.
I made sure I got off bed carefully in order not to alert Gaby. Wouldn't want her to know about Push yet.
"Hello?" I answered.
"Morning, found your guy. I got him right here. Meet me where we met last time. I'll deliver him to you" he informed before he cut the dial.
It was about time. I'll just have to finish up at the office early before meeting him up.
I ambled my way to the bed and just when I thought she'd still be asleep, she wasn't.
"Baby, who was that?" She wrapped her arms around me, pulling me closer to her bosom.
"Someone I work with babe. He's just filling me in on something" I hoped in my heart I didn't just lie to her.
"Someone... Something" she mimicked.
"Is it about the attack?"
Yeah...that's the truth right?
"It is. Yeah. Babe I don't want you to trouble yourself about it. I'll take care if everything. I just need you to trust me" Lord help my tongue.
She let out a long moan "okay. I trust you. Did you call Madea?"
"Yes ma'am. Can we go back to sleep now?" I dug my head into her hair.
"Okay goat"....

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