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Monday, 30 April 2018


First the colours, then the people. That's how I see things. Or at least, how I try to.
The rays of light coming from the sun seemed to disrupt my vision as I let my eyes steady itself around the room. My head pounded like drums as a result of over thinking from last night. I find no peace in my sleep as long as this issue is still unsolved. Thank heavens Push got him. All I have to do is get the truth behind this mess even if it means torturing him till he begs for mercy.
After fifteen minutes of planning things ahead, I finally got off bed to shower and get ready for the day.
" Don't leave the house alone babe" I instructed for the forth time while eating breakfast with Gabby as the kids were still fast asleep, Quinn and Edwin, let's just say...they're better indoors.
"I got it!'re gonna deafen me with it already" she crooned as she chewed on her toast with legs crossed and attention all drawn to the program that played on the television.
"Okay. Oh and I might be a little late today, but I'll always call you" I walked over to plant a kiss on her forehead before leaving.
"Okay. Stay safe! I love you!" She yelled in reply.
The streets of the city yearned for more light, generosity and care. It seems that probably civilization has done 67% harm than good. I remember as a kid, my parents never gave me the opportunity to go wherever I insisted whenever I wanted. Those days, culture and discipline was still intact, unlike now. Silly ass world.
I kept my gaze on the road but paid attention to everything I saw. This is a part of my morning routine.
Lots of cruel things happening and no one seems to give a fuck. I don't even know why I had to buy my way into the company. Lord knows, working in the FBI agency would've been better. Considering the fact that, I'm good with weapons.
"Good morning, Sir" Rosie interrupted my thoughts as I headed for my office.
"Morning Rosie, how do you do?" I replied.
"Perfect. Uh Sir.. A file came in for you" she said, handing a brown envelope to me.
"Quite thick.. Who dropped it off?" I inquired as I placed it in my brief case.
"Honestly sir, I asked for the man's name but he just hastened away. I would have ran but gee... That might have gone awkward." She laughed nervously.
"Okay. Thank you" I turned to leave but she called me back.
"The board meeting we were supposed to have. It's in fifteen minutes" she smiled.
I don't know what's her deal but ever since Gabby quit working here, she has taken the job of my secretary, my engineer, my clerk and even hers too. All just to get my attention.
Such a funny lady if you ask me. I love my Baby and she is immeasurable.
I smiled at my thoughts and finally responded. "Yes. Thank you"
After the board meeting, I informed my secretary that I would be gone till tomorrow and all appointments should be rescheduled.
I got back to my office to find that file still laying on my desk. I decided to satisfy my curiosity.
Indeed, it was thick like it was stuffed with cash.
I felt all jolly inside me but when I opened it up, my bubbles were busted in seconds.
Those were the only words written in multiple papers that made the file seem thick! I couldn't believe the joke. My stupid self thought it was money. Whoever did this is either childish or a psychotic being! That's it. I'm digging the truth out Travis now. It's pointless wasting time.
I searched my drawer for a key but was interrupted when my phone rang.
"Babe!!" Gabby voiced out.
"My life, how are you?" I asked still searching for that very key.
"Shitty as hell" she muttered.
I laughed as it seemed to be true."Truth be told. That's my life in a sentence"
"I was waiting for your call you goat! Edwin locked us in and Quinn has been keeping me company but we're both bored to death. My brothers won't stop running round the place. I'm going crazy babe!" She nagged.
"I'm so sorry love and don't you worry, when I get back, I'll ease you up. Just try to hang on. Okay?" I assured.
"Ease" I could tell by now she was smirking her way to heaven already.
"You're such a dirty minded troll!" I cursed and felt relieved when I finally found the key.
"Fine yeah. I concur. This troll will call you back later. She has got other trolly things to do. I love you" she reminded.
"I adore you"
" Bye!" She dropped the call.
I looked for Push's contact and dialed.
"Yeah, it's me" I said.
"Want him now?" He asked.
"Eh.. I couldn't wait. I'll stop at Tommy Hilfiger's boutique to get something. My car boot will be left open. Before I get out, I want him kept there. Try not to get caught. See you later" I instructed.
"Alright man. Good luck" he cut the dial.
Something tells me this is going to be fun.
I let out a chuckle as I drove away. This is one thing I miss about my past. Kicking butts! But there are consequences. Hell, there is always a consequence to every action.
I just pray this one doesn't turn against me.
While I purchased suits in the boutique , I had my eyes set on my car for Push's men to show up. And when they did, I waited for them to go so I could get back in the car and drive us to The torture room.
The torture room isn't in my house of course. When I moved in here, I still had that gangsta spirit in me for a while, so I bought an abandoned house where I could do justice to the bad people. I equipped the place with ammunition and health equipments. You never know who would be after you or what may befall months to come. Past enemies. Unsettled business deals, it's better to save for the rainy day.
I never thought I would make use of the house until recently when things started to turn the way they are now.
Once we arrived at the house, I opened the boot up to see Travis all passed out.
"Oh come on, I haven't even started yet" I slurred under my breath as I searched my car for a bottled water.
I drank a little from it before I poured it all on his face and slapped his cheek to bring him back to reality.
"Hello, I'm Luke. Not so pleased to meet you"

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