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Tuesday, 3 April 2018


Since we handed our group project, Austin and I barely saw each and Its been 4weeks since I spoke to him and surprisingly am missing him, I mean our conversation, his cockiness and my nickname, anyways Summer will begin soon.
Summer the time to can relax, do things with no regret, party on weekdays and lots of exciting things to do.
I was celebrating, in 5minutes goodbye school when Mrs Stanfield called me over, I approach her desk in front of the class and I sit down facing her. And a conversation starts which brings me down to dismay
'Miss Daniels ,I know its summer but you have no choice'
'yes ma but can you please not tell my father'
'He has already been informed'
'Miss, please no cursing'
'Yes ma, bye ma' I said with a bitter tone
And i was out within seconds.
Thanks to Mrs Stanfield I knew my night was ruined and so was summer.
As I head towards the front porch I knew what was coming to me, I walk in and the first thing I hear is his voice
'MAY ABIGAIL DANIELS!!' He said with the harshest tone have ever had
'SIR' I said frighten of what was to come
'SIT' I obeyed and sat
'Where have you been?'
'I...I...missed the bus, I had walk home'
'You have drivers at your disposals and am sure they are a call away!!'
before i could finish my sentence my stepmom decides to walk in and act like she's an all caring mother, oh how I hate it when she does that
'Abigail, how could your grades drop?, I expected more especially from you,' he said as anger fueled him
'Abigail just go to your room, you and your dad will talk when his less angry' said my stepmom
I was in my room in seconds. I was trying so hard to hold those tears from rolling down my cheeks but I lost. I have never seen my dad so disappointed before and why are grades so important to him?, these questions lingered at the back of my mind till I fell asleep.

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