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Tuesday, 10 April 2018


A knock on my door woke me from my slumber, as I arose it was my dad that came in
'Abi, go get ready, we have a flight to catch in 2hours, the maids already packed your belongings'
'Yes sir' I couldn't tell whether he was still angry or not. As I got ready, I wondered where we were going, its strange he always says but today he just laid a command so I guess his still angry.
We are already in the plane and my dad hasn't said a word to me. Wow! His really angry but why over grades?. He snapped me out of my thoughts when he spoke
'Abi, I want you to behave yourself while on this trip consider this how you will spend your summer'
'What of school?'
'I took care of it, you will be tutored at home.'
And just like that silence came.
We arrived and got checked into the hotel
'Abi, get ready, I have a dinner meeting and your coming, please wear something formal.'
and he left
Time flew fast cause before I knew it, it was night and we were already on our way to his dinner meeting.
The car pulled up in front of a huge mansion, it was beautiful
We were guided to the dinning area were my dad was to have his meeting and we met this lovely family.
We started dinner when someone came in
'Sorry am late dad'
I know that voice, It sounded just like..... And I turned to see who it was,
It was AUSTIN!!
This was Austin's house........

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