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Wednesday, 11 April 2018


Dinner felt awkward. Austin kept his eyes on me not caring if someone noticed but am sure everyone noticed.
After dinner we proceeded to the living room while my dad and Mr Williams went to the study for business talks
Mrs Williams tried to make small talk but no one was interested, she finally decided to give up and head upstairs, leaving me and him alone.
For 10minutes the big room was silent when he suddenly spoke
'So your dad is Mr Daniels?'
Oh how have missed his voice
'And yours is Mr Williams'
With a smirk on his face he said 'Still same old dearie'
'And am sure i have still have a mame'
'Yeah the fifth month of the year...MAY!!'
We both laugh
'So what bought you to my house?'
'Correction your father's house and felt like following my dad to one of his fancy dinners'
'Please, thats bullshit, nobody loves "fancy dinners" especially since it has business written all over!'
'Well, thank God am nobody'
He laughs and i join in.
Just then our fathers walked in
'I see your getting along with young Mr Williams' my dad says approaching Austin
'Austin Williams sir' he says as he gives my dad a firm handshake
It was pretty funny until my dad started playing match maker
'Abi, i think you and Austin here should go to the founder's ball, Saturday night?'
'Dad i dont think his up for.....'
Mr Williams jumps in. 'Sure, he would love to'
And that was how we got set up for a date on Saturday night.

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