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Saturday, 14 April 2018


At first i thought it was a normal ball just me attending it with the son of my dad's future business partner and the future C.E.O of his dad's c ompany, who am i kidding, its the start of something that could be great.
I tell myself am overwhelming myself by over thinking it, i should just focus on having a good time.
Few hours to the ball i was calm when i began to people coming in my room.
'Whats going on here?'
'Miss Daniels, we are here to make sure you look your best for the founder's ball' a weird looking man said or was it a woman?!
'But i wasnt......'
My dad walked in and said
'Abi, this is a gift from Mrs Williams'
And that was when i knew i lost control of my life.
Am finally done with the preparation and guess who just showed up?, Yep the one and only Austin Williams.
He and my dad had a brief conversation and then we were off
The ride to the ball was a silent one, nothing was said.
Its already been an hour into the ball and i was bored, and Austin has been away for 20minutes.
I stood up and decided to walk around.
I dont know how i found myself in a dark hall and i can't find a way out.
I began to see shadows, are they ghosts?, that can't be, ghosts don't exists right?
curiosity was killing me so i move in the direction of the ghost.
And i see Austin?, what is Austin doing there?, looks like his having an argument.
I hid myself not to get cut but the person his arguing with notices and comes towards where i was hiding,
what do i do?.

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