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Friday, 13 April 2018


She laid me down as she removed my trousers and my perry
coles. She tried removing the tight boxers but I told her it was
not time to eat yet as its still in the fire. Still in her smiling face,
she laid on me with those b0-0bs on my chest as she kissed
me.. With the way she was moving those b0-0bs, she didn’t need
to tell me that she wanted a VIP treatment on them.
I turned her over as I fed on her b0-0bs.. two of my hands
couldn’t cover one as I tried pressing it down while I move
my tongue around her neeeples which I thought were already
hellrect.. But by the time I did the tongue flinging on those
b0-0bs, I heard moans and I felt them stand!!!! ..
I went straight to those leggings as I pulled it down escorted with
kisses.. Kissed her hips, her thighs, her inner thighs, kneel and
even toes as I pulled it. Then I looked up at her like when Usain
Bold want to run a 100M and is told “GET SET!!!!”.. Her eyes were
closed as she was moaning like something I can’t explain.. Let’s
say Hyena? ..
I went straight up again.. I couldn’t just help but appreciate the
flower in the Pubeec region of her black Gee-string.. I kissed the
flower, inshort I use my mouth cut the flower while I stylishly
pressed my jaw on her pussay.. She moved her body and tried
pressing my head down there but unto say I nor want make she
abandon my KUM-Less Joystick, I rejected that Type of cooking
Still on my way up, I met that pierced navel and I used my tongue
to play with it.. Oh! Did I tell you she pierced her tongue? ..
.. Good! Na for were I see the piercing I remember say
something been dey chuk me for her tongue.
I returned to kissing her as I fantasized about a pierced tongue
on my D*I*C*K.. Make he for nor lost, I arranged her hands and
put it on my D**CK and with the way the stroking lubricated, I
knew my D*I*C*K don release small small tire!!!.. When her
hands got down there, she stroked it and said “Wow!!!”.. *do I
need to xplain that? Ok.. Maybe I was 8inches? at 17?
I pushed her panti…es to one side as I manipulated her, each
finger with its own purpose.. Three were in her hole(e tight sha),
the thumb was up massaging the hood and the smallest finger
was just laying there caressing the thin line between the rectu..m
and the holde.
I decided to give her a head but she was faster as she pushed
me on the bed and gave me a head of life!!.. She wasn’t as Good
as Esther but damn that piercing was doing more than enough
work!!!!.. I wanted a 69 oh but she told me its turn by turn..
After mins of she deepthroating me, I felt the urge to Kum, I
wanted her to stop but before I could, the MILK don dey reach the
reachables.. She knew I was coming and she kept on
deepthroating!!!.. Then I felt her eyes open as the electric shock
traveled my spine down to my balls as I pumped the pumping
pumps into her mouth.. I expected her to stop asap but omo,
she was licking me dry as she drew the milk out of me.. Have u
ever seen a water pumping machine take water from the water
well? Well, na so she dey suck the tin comot as I felt some Pour
on my Ball.. She obviously didn’t swallow it .
“Baba! Today na today, you go enter second round by force!!!!”..
My D*IC*K said as I encouraged myself because this girl surely
doesn’t want to leave here without me eating her Banku!!!..
Guess what!!!.. She kissed me with my Kum in her mouth as she
even spat into my mouth.. (Don’t say ewwwww.. Na me get am!!
After this, she lied down, spread her legs open like all those big
turkeys wey dem dey put on display.. The one wey dem dey sell
after dem don remove the feathers nah!! Ahan…
And then she said she wants me to take her to Ghana and come
back ..
“Omo! My new name na GMGAC(Ghana must go and come)” my
tongue said.. At this point, I lost my urge but hey! Are you
kidding me? I get record to keep nah .
Na so I kiss her, feeengered her and took my GMGAC down there
as I didn’t need to part those Lahhbia of hers because they were
already gorged up like say na BEE bite dem..
Feenger-Fu***ked her, Tongue-f**ked her and even Jaw-F**ked
her as I wanted was for her to Kum.. But who sigh? She never
even dream am! …
“I don come back!!!!!”.. My D*I*C*K shouted as it woke up
again.. Na so I begin dey get urge again oh, ran to the drawer to
take my condoms, she helped me wear them and the thing was
perfect fit!!! *although I didn’t check the size I wore *..

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