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Saturday, 14 April 2018


I discovered she wasn’t as wet as before so I decided to spit
on her pussay and it made her crazy and I got ready to ride her..
“Hey! Hold it.. You wan forget the yanxxxh? Do canine jor!!!!”..
My mind said as I whispered “How about a Daoggy into her
She turned around, faced the wall and panked her A$$
.. See Yaaaannnnnxxxxxxxxxhhhh shaaaakkeeeee ..
I teased her with the tip as usual as I took my hand under to
massage her hood while I enter.. Chai! She was so hot inside
and she knew how to control her inner muscles as she griped me
tight for some seconds before giving me license to thrust!
Thrusting wasn’t easy because her A$$ was too big, I tried
pushing it up with my hands but for where.. This hindered deep
thrusts .
So I opted for the style Abigail said was her favourite.. PILLOW
UNDER… I arranged her like that while I squat like that
punishment they use to give us back in school .. “Riding a
Bicycle”.. But now, “Riding A BiseeA$$”..
This position made her pink pussay clear under the red lights
(are they always pink? ) as I entered once again to continue..
And I swear! 2nd round sweet pass 1st rounf .. Because I
banged her for up to 3minutes before she gave a sign of Kumin..
She told me to stop but if ah hear!!!.. She sef wan pour for my
mouth? Story!
I continued banging.. I don’t know how she did it but she stood
up, pushed me down and gave me a face sit.. This was a
shocker though, and it became more shocking when she KAME
all over my mouth with her A$$whole directly in my nose..
Hence, I was begging for hair when she was doing her spasm.. If
person tell me say I fit hold breathe for 1minute, I go slap the
person! .
Yes.. She reached her orga(ni)sm but me I had to reach my
second one nah, besides I was still very much there..
Just when I thought it was time to clean up, her A$$ on my chest
as I was still throwing my tongue like a dog drinking water as I
teased her pussay.. She started BJing me again .. (POWER
HORSE!!!!!!!! my mind reiterated)..
She removed the condom that was On, changed it and rode me
with her A$$ facing me .. Omo! The way she was rolling her
waist ehhhh! You go think say na Makosa she be wan teach me..
I just held those two full A$$ets as I closed my eyes with full
pleasure.. Yup! Accompanied with moans..
Few mins in and I enjanlaculated for the second time while she
still rode me..
I just breathed, tired and lay there.. Looking at a girl am balling
with while she also laid there caressing my chest..
“Have you ever ferked a pussay that sweet?”.. She asked and I
replied her with a twisted answer that resulted into her saying
GH pussay and NG pussay differs .. Well, I had to take my
Nokia X2, go down on her wet pussay to check out the strukture
and indeed, it was different .. Rest na story..
I was surprised, owing to the fact that both of us weren’t weak
(Like dude!!! I enjalaculated 2 times!!!), because we did some
nawhty things after we both exploded i.e Cleaned ourselves,
used her pussay for Biology practical , she noted my shaft
was over soft , and she told me about her S£x life as I also told
her mine(ofcourse I lied!!! )
In the cause of our nawti talks, my phone rang.. Didn’t really
bother to check the Caller’s Name because I was lost in the
“Ladi.. So you have the Guts to bring a girl into my Matrimonial
Home ehhhh? Even took her to your bedroom? Is something
wrong with you? Who gave you the right? ……”.. I heard
someone said in a voice I bet was trying to overshadow the
background music.
*Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah! Pardon my laughter
!!!!.. *
I knew who it was already.. Hell you know who IT was!!!
.. Well, she ended the call after the rants.
My heart skipped(no! not just fear but with a happiness). My
mind kept on repeating “Joyce! Joyce!! Joyce!!!” As I could swear
Faith called her already. Perhaps she has been hiding
somewhere dying of anger .. Angela asked who it was
as I stood up to wear my Boxers, told her it was my Uncle’s Wife
on her way home as she called to know if I was home.
Expecting her to start wearing her clothes in a hurry, she
balanced and said “Oh! Does she have to disturb my
Vacay?”.. This made me stop wearing my trousers as I started
telling her I would be skinned if my DEACONESS aunt sees a
girl hotter than her in my room. (Ok, let’s reason, You carry babe
go house, tell am say your aunty dey come, she balance? Nor be
badt girl be dat? .. Good! I loved her!!!!! )
“Hmmm.. Seems like someone is eating his Uncle’s Banku”.. She
said with a wink .. Come and see speed I used in
denying it , she said if am sure of my words, she was going to
wait and even greet her. (See me ohhhh! ).
After much arguments, she agreed to leave before Joyce comes
back as she still laid down there with the blanket on her.

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