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Monday, 23 April 2018


Sophie, let's go to the principal office first"Matt says. I can't allow you to be treated this way, mum shouldn't have make you come back to this school.
"Matt, chill's nothing, besides I pleaded with mum before she allowed me to come back" I replied. I just don't ...i don't
'it's okay, I understand' Matt said giving me a brotherly hug, I wrap myself in the scent, he's like my father now, though Dad left him with lots of wealth and property to control and manage...but he is still his usual,happy and cheerful self maybe because he didn't witnessed Dad's death, the experience still gives me shivers and terrible nightmare ..
"Sophie, I hate to leave you alone here among all this mongers" Matt says. but you know I have to go to the company after college to oversee today's affairs and look at some other documents..
"yeah, I know " I said, then I walked him off the school park, I waved and watched as his car took off... I suddenly feel lonely, maybe coming back here is a bad idea after all, No it's not.. Am not some princess in distress, I have to stand on my own feet and avoid that my good for nothing ex-boyfriend Dash Wayne... I will never forget what he and his father did to me.. I trusted him and he played me for a fool, a tear dropped down my cheeks from the unmitigated experience.... I knew Matt probably warn him off but I couldn't care less, I just hate him, yes I hate him...
Oh,Dash why?why? Why did you do this to me? That was the question I wanted to ask him three months ago but he went on a vacation with his murderer father after they won the election on my Dad's Expense, My Dad and Dash's Dad were the top candidate for the senatorial election, Dad knows that Dash and I were dating, Dad warn me not to date him cause he suspected that he's merely using me to get informations from him, but I was so deeply in love with that fool I didn't notice the pretence and betrayal until his father killed my father, though mum we can't be sure yet but I know it, I know it was his father that murder my father because Dad was to meet me and pick me up at our favorite ice cream parlor and I only told Dash about it, because he wanted to take me out that same day too and I had to decline and tell him the reason, that's how his father knows where my dad was on that tragic day, the memories still make my heart hurts, so I took some medications out of my bag and doze it with a cold water, the time is far spent already,i should just go home ....tomorrow is another day, hopefully I won't have to witness an awkward situation like this or meet Dash Wayne but I know neither of the two is avoidable I just had to prepare for the worse.

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