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Wednesday, 25 April 2018


Sophie POV*
The next day I manage to avoid Dash but not the curious students, they are still probing me with questions I don't have answer too, questions that gave me sleepless night.... They can't be avoided so I did everything possible to ignore them..
When I stepped into my biology class, I noticed Dash's friend sitting at the corner but I pretended that I didn't see him, I really don't have the time nor the stress to notice anyone..
Talk about the devil,
Immediately Brian saw me, he started coming forward...
Holy shit, why can't I have a normal day!
"Hi, Sophie " Brian greeted flashing his gap teeth at me,
Okay, maybe I should just answer him, I mean I can't avoid him forever, if only..
"Hi, Brian" I gave him my authentic smile, hoping he will take a cue ..
But he just grab a chair and sat besides me, TF, didn't he see that I don't want him here??
"Sophie, welcome back, I mean Dash was so worried " Brian said looking looking innocent...
Is he shitting me right now??
Oh, I guess Dash kept his little secret from his friend.
" Oh! is he?! I replied with full sarcasm .
"Ask your friend" I said, and get up, this conversation ain't getting me no where and it's very boring by the way.
But Sophie wait up,
Was almost out of the class when I hit a hard something, I wanna dish a curse out, until his cologne hit me....
oh God, am not prepared for this, I thought, but Dash only wrap his slim hands around mine and dragged me out.
Let go of me you punk!?, I said fucking let's go off me, right now " I kept on screaming and tugging my wrist, fuck he's gonna leave bruises, but he didn't bulge... Am gonna charge this against him, but where will that leave me? I bet the media will love to see me fight lawsuit with Dash. I don't need the distraction now, I mean after four months of hiding...
"Sophie, am sorry "Dash said almost as if dragging me here against my will ain't mean nothing .
"your apology is too late" I replied with a grim look..
" but I really mean it though, am sorry for everything I did " Dash pleaded...
"you are sorry? You being sorry ain't gonna fucking bring my papa back, don't you fucking get it? I screamed at him
you can't just waltz into my life and expect me to accept you back, it's not possible dash" Sophie said blinking back the traitorous tears that threatened to fall down her cheek
"I know Sophie, I hurt you, I don't expect you to fall back into my open hands, but stop giving me the cold shoulder " Dash replied with an attempt to hold her trembling hands
"Don't, you left Dash and I moved on, please don't make it hard for me please Dash" Sophie said and walked away from him...
"you are mine Sophie, forever mine and I will do every possible thing to get you back " Dash vowed at her retreating back
He's a fool, a big fool...the tears keep coming, I really hate it that am becoming a cry baby, all because of him..i wiped the tears and Daniel choose that time to grace the earth with his useless self .
"Hey, Sophie!!
😂 Fuck Daniel right??

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