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Saturday, 28 April 2018


"Sophie, Sophie, you are quite an actress ain't you"? Daniel smirked at me.. What's so funny now??
" just go away Daniel, your presence disgusts me" I said while I attempted to move past him but he grabbed my hand and pulled me up holding my tiny waist,
" I witnessed the play you and your lover boy pulled just now, bitch you should hide your feelings well".
"let go off me, you disgusting dick" I whimpered trying to get his hands off me but it was a fruitless attempt,then I tried manipulating him with words
"Daniel, let's go else am gonna report you to Matt and mum and tell them how evil you are" I retorted hoping he will let go off me, but he only tighten his hold and started kissing my neck,
"Daniel, Stop please stop, Daniel" I screamed while hitting his hard chest...But he didn't heed my plea as his hands moved to my soft moulds,and pinching my nipples through my silk blue blouse, it's been so long since have felt a guy's touch but this not how I imagined my next experience, Oh! God, someone should come and save me, Daniel has turned to someone horrible, he only bully me before but now this.... I can't do this, then I screamed at the top of my voice..
Dash POV.
After my little heart to heart talk with Sophie I decided I need a really hard drink,that girl is gonna be the death of me if my father didn't kill me beforehand, since her resumption all she ever did was to ignore me completely, I can't take it anymore, I want to hold her like before, kiss her sumptuous lips,make her feel like a lady once again, bring life back to her now lifeless eyes, her eyes is void of any feelings, she ain't the Sophie I used to know, she ain't the Sophie that ask me about everything damn thing, that's completely dependent on me. I kept on thinking until Brian pops out of nowhere. ..
"I know you'd be here, I could sense that the air ain't right between you and Sophie " Brian said taking a seat across me giving me that better tell me what's going on look..
Oh! Shit
Oh yeah, did you think Dash gonna tell his buddy what he's been hiding for four months?? 😯

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