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Sunday, 15 April 2018


I was confused, even though I had started developing feeling for Shina, I was never ready for some kind of poo.
"Shina, let us take things easy"
"This is me, and here is you, I'm 31 for Petes' sake, do you expect me to start begging and wooing you like a kid?" He lied on the bed in anger and soaked under the duvet, I mean blanket. I was up for a moment thinking if my life. I was a blunt broke liar and my lying game took me nowhere. You have to lie to cover a lie. I'd leaving a fake like since my uni days and it never paid me. I'd lose a reasonable amount of good suitors because I could not afford to take them to my parent after bragging about being a rich kid. A good example was Victor, Victor was an IB boy, he was a rich coded yahoo guy and believed I was a banker, after gaining a substantial amount from his yahoo plus business, he decided to open an account with access bank where he believed I was working, I was able to cover up till when I couldn't and he knew I was never working in Access bank... I tried to cover up and that was when he asked to meet my parents, that was where kasala busted and I could not get a tangible lie to tell, I opened up and told him about my real parents, he broke up with me immediately but his words hurt more, he said he was dating me because he thought I was from a rich home and. Could not stoop too low dating the daughter of a village illiterates. He went ahead and got married to a lady close to my house. I made up my mind right then never to open up who my real parents were to any man. After all, I could rent parents.
"Do you have to think about it this much?" I heard Shina said as he pushed up into the sitting position. It sounded more like "do you have to think about being bleeped this much?". He drew me so close that I was afraid he would swallow me.
" I love you, Riri"
"I want you to carry my babies" "not someone who had over three known abortions" Truth being told, I had six abortions before I met Shina, I knew instantly I was not the best for him.
"Shina, let us take things slow. I understand how you're feeling but we shouldn't rush" I said as I withdrew myself from him.
"Okay. I'll give you from now till tomorrow"
"That is better" before I could blink, Shina had kissed me, and right on that spot, my body and soul was vibrating, I felt a chemistry which I've never felt for a guy in ages. He noticed my strange feelings and stopped.
"I'm sorry, Riri. I never meant to go far." He begged with an embarrassment look.
"I understand.." I said laying in the bed.
"Goodnight, my woman" he said as he laid down facing the opposite direction. I relaxed so well thinking about the kiss and Shina. I felt strange, I was scared of sex for the first time in my life.I was afraid Shina was going to wake me up in the middle of the night and forced me to sex. He was not sleeping neither, he kept tossing around till I feltasleep around 2am . I dreamt about getting married to Shina in a big way, and guess what, my parents came in the middle of the reception. I fainted on seeing them and Shina was shooking me trying to wake me up
"My woman, wake up" I opened my eyes just to see myself in bed and Shina standing over me fully dressed. I was disappointed, I wanted to go back and sleep, I love my dream...

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