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Thursday, 19 April 2018


I was sitting on the long bench outside my room that fateful night when Caro came, at first, I thought Magic fingers was in Sheyi's not until Caro passed Sheyi door and knocked at Onome's door, she knocked softly that no one could smell the danger lurking around until Sheyi came outside his room.
"Babe, how far?" He said grinning"Magic fingers no dey here na" he said smiling sheepishly.
"Do I tell you I'm looking for Magic fingers, e don't dey house na, I wan borrow comb from Onome"
"Okay" Sheyi said and knocked. "Onome, come out o, na me" it was later we knew Sheyi knew Caro's plan but decided to watch free match between Onome' Pacquiao' and Caro eyan mayweather.. He was seeing Onome and was jealous magic fingers enjoyed Onome more than him. Onome opened the door and before she could look up, Caro dragged her out letting her towel fell and believe me, she was stark Unclad, Mama Susan handed a readily prepared water and garri to Caro who bathed with it, they fought and Onome who was already Unclad tore Caro's top revealing some fresh flesh, the fight was so interesting that everybody in the street including the Okada riders were all watching free porn movie. Even though, most of them had tasted Onome, Caro's visible upper body was the center of attraction. Caro sighted Magic fingers who was almost escaping and they started another round of argument, Magic fingers exposed his girlfriend claiming he was not in love with her again because after spending his money onher, she still drew sex timetable for him and Onome, the animashaun was there to service him. They argued and fought for over 45minutes when we heard a shout... Onome ran outside in paining shouting on the top of her voice, she was followed by a man who was in boxers who ran speedily out of our compound , everyone was confused and lost, even Caro and Magic fingers had to step outside for the new episode of the seasonal movie. A womancame out of Onome's room with a bucket half filled with pepper, to cut the story short, when onome saw that Magic fingers and Caro were arguing and fighting, everyone was engrossed that no one knew when Mr. Hammed, the banker entered into her room, Mama Susan on seeing her rushed to call Mrs. Hammed who hurriedly brought along a bucket of pepper anddud justice to Onome and her husband. No one knew when Caro and magic fingers left our compound and the next morning, they were together, Magic fingers drove Caro to school, I SMH,

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