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Friday, 20 April 2018


"Look here, Mama Susan, I don't owe you an explanation" I said
"Riri, can I come and make your hair for you?" Onome said, lest I forget, Onome was a talented hairdresser, she didn't learn it but could make all types of hair, people were always begging her to make their hair but Onome preferred servicing men and women to making hair, the only few women Onome made hair for were her lesbian partners.I really wanted her to make my hair but I did not want any closer relationship with her.
"No, thanks" I replied bluntly and entered my room. I waited till evening and Shina was not back yet, so I believed he would not come that day. I got dressed and went to Fiwasaye's shop, I explained everything to her and she adviced I thread with Shina carefully.
"I'm always skeptical about all this guys, be careful"
"I will"
"Derin, please stop living this double lifestyle. Can't you do without lies? What if this guy decided to marry you and meet your parents?"
"My parents?" I cut in. "I'm renting parents o, do you want my parents especially my mum to embarrass me like the last time?"
"Your parents are your parents, Ade. We're from Ilawe Ekiti, and have you forgotten what your parents went through to send you to school. Oh! You've forgotten you are the only graduate in your family?"
"Fiwa, why are they illiterates? Why are they poor?" I barked at her.
"Ade, your parents are richer than mine yet I love them, your mother saw me the last time I went home and complained you neither call them nor pick their calls, you don't go to Ilawe. Ade, treat your parents right, they suffered too much for you"
"How am I suppose to treat them? I'm broke,I'm jobless. Aren't you the one who fed me earlier? I don't have a dime with me"
"What if their spirits are fighting you, you don't treat them right, you're not proud having them as your parents, why? Are they disabled? Your mum gave birth to you, your dad fathered you"
"I will go and see them next weekend, is that all?"
"No, that's not. Stop living a fake life and get a life!"
"How do you mean, fiwa?" I eyed her
"Rinsola, there are lots of guys out there who are ready to help you, your pride and lies are chasing them off" she advised.
"Okay" I said and just then, my phone rang, it was Shina.
"Hello" I said immediately I picked his call
"Where are you, Riri? I'm outside the gate." I sprang up.
"I came to see a friend, I'm on my way."
"Just give me the direction and I'll come and pick you." I gave him the address and ended the call.
"Who was that?" Fiwa asked
"Is he coming here" She asked smiling
"Oh yeah" I said feeling happy
"I'll get to know your Princecharming" We gisted for some minutes before I received a call from Shina that he was closed by. I went outside and recognised his G-wagon immediately. Deep down, I was happy Fiwasaye would be surprised to see how rich Shina was. I waved at him and he stopped right in front of Fiwa's shop. He alighted and followed me into her shop where I introduced them to each other.
"Thanks for taking care of my woman."
"My pleasure, Mr. Shina. I hope you're not going to break my friend's fragile heart?" She responded jokingly.
"Obviously not" They chatted for some minutes before we left her shop.
On getting to my house, everyone was marvelled when they saw us alighted from the vehicle.
"Oga, wetin you carry come na" Mama Susan asked. Shina handed over some naira notes to her and we went inside. I heard Mama Susan and others arguing who should take the greater share.
"I'm sorry I was late" he apologized.
"Its nothing"
"Mum wanted me to come back home, I told her about you already and she's ready to meet you"
"Shina!" I was surprised.
"Riri,I know you like me" he winked. I later agreed to his proposal that night and we started dating officially. We chatted like a long time couples and slept late that night.
The following morning being a Saturday was less hectic, we were indoors in the morning and went to the market to get foodstuffs and soup ingredients, Shina bought them in bulk, we got back home, cooked,ate and when it was time to sleep, Shina asked me what I intended doing since I was jobless
"I pray I get an appointment in any of these banks o"
"I hate white collar jobs for my woman,Riri. As my wife, I preferred you venture into business or learn a skill."
"I love your makeups, Riri. Are you an artist?"
"No, I do my things my lil way" I answered covering my face.
"Do you know any of the makeup artist in town?"
"MerryGold is Fiwa's customer."
"Do you have her number?"
"No but Fiwa should have it"
"Do you know her studio?"
"We'll go see her on Monday"
"Why?" I asked.
"I'll enroll you"

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