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Saturday, 21 April 2018


I was enrolled into MerryGold makeup school on Monday, that week went smoothly and I hailed respect from my boss, my colleagues and neighbours. I grew wings, I was no longer eating at Mama Sikira buka and after work, I would visit Fiwa at her place, I lied to my neighbours I retired my banking job because my fiancee was against it. Few weeks later, I was at Fiwa's shop when Bola came in.
"Hello girls" she greeted
"Amber Rose!" We hailed her. Bola was Fiwa's hostel mate while we were in school. We were not close because she always try to intimidate me, she was one of the people who doubt my "self-acclaimed rich babe" lifestyle. She was the CEO and managing director of the " runs girl club"while we were in school. Even though, she was from a rich home and had a fiancée abroad, she was a bad gang, she drove the latest car, wore the latest wig and designer clothes. Even though I was proud, she was the pride herself. She nicknamed herself Amber Rose because of her killershape and tinted low cut, she was truly Amber Rose. Even though we learnt she had a botox surgery to get her killershape but she was pretty, she smelt rich and the way she carried herself, I was always afraid to visit Fiwa anytime she was around. Fiwa was no saint too, she followed her for the "runs" job anytime she needed money. My pride could not allow me to go with them, I did my thing my way, I was a one-man mopol, even though we met at hotels few times but we would pretend as if we never met not until one day an Alhaji invited me for two sums and Amber Rose was my partner, we were both shocked and even though we did our thing that day, Amber Rose knew I was living a fake life and reported me to Fiwa after she warned me to stop tagging myself as a good girl.
"Hey babes!" She said as she sat down on the chair opposite us.
"You decided to check me today?" Fiwa said frowning.
"I came for my panties" she replied smiling
"I said it, but why don't you call me to deliver them instead of coming here, Biggest babe"
"I ordered for some Christian Louboutin shoes for myself and my fiancée"
"Is he in town"
"Yea, that's why i wanted those Sexy Victoria's secret lingeries" she said tapping her hands.
"Iyawo iyawo, can wait to buy asoebi"
"Abi o" she laughed. "We're getting married very soon and I'll be relocating abroad to be with my husband."She said flashing her engagement ring
"I am happy for you, my dear" I said.
"Everyone is getting married, why am I the only single one here."
"Who else is getting married."
"Riri! She's relocating to the states too"
"Riri, is that true?" She asked looking surprised
"Don't mind her o" I responded feeling uncomfortable.
"I said it, you! The greatest alakada! Relocating to the states?" She said smiling, everywhere was silent.
"I know her fiancée, Bola. More so, Riri is a changed person"
"Whatever! Get me my package and let me go" she said sounding pissed. Fiwa handed her a pink polythene bag with the inscription "Victoria's Secret".
" How much is my bill?"
"I'll do the transfer when I get home." She said and left.
"Why she dey vex" Fiwa directed her gaze towards me after Amber Rose left.
"No be una friend she be"
"She think say na only her fit marry Americana?" She said and hissed.
"Bad Belle" I added. Shina came later to pick me , he took me to a detached duplex in Bashiri.
"Where is this, Shina?" She asked.

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