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Monday, 23 April 2018


"This is our new house, baby. I don't like your house, it's too exposed, I want privacy." I stood rooted to the spot, it was my dream house.
"Are you going to stand there?" Shina asked. I moved closer to him and hugged him.
"I love you" I said sincerely, he was my first love, it was the first time I was loving a man with all my heart. I loved him not only because he was rich, but also he was truthful,sincere and caring. Shina and I never had sex even though we had been together for a month. He was a perfect gentleman. We were a perfect couple. We packed into our new house the following my friend's wish. I called Fiwa that morning to inform her about our relocation.
"I'm happy for you, Riri" she said over the phone.
"Thanks, girlfriend. I can't believe God is changing my fate.!"
"Riri, must you relocate into the new house with him,I'm skeptical about everything. It's too early."
"We're getting married soon, Fiwa."
"I understand but I've you forgotten this man is having issues with his parents, do you think this is gonna end well"
"We met with his mum recently and she accepted me."
"But you lied to her,Riri!"
"Will I tell her my parents are illiterates? Fiwa, you're the only friend I have, I'm just a victim of bad circumstances. My parents are poor and I'm jobless. If not for this guy, would I be a certified makeup artist? I found love! I found him!" I poured out.
"Riri, I understand you quite well but I don't want you to relocate completely with him. Just pick a few things and don't let your neighbors know about it" she warned before she ended the call. I wanted to follow her advice but Shina told me to pack all my load and drop the key for the caretaker.
That night while we were ready to sleep, Shina asked me if I had any secrets I was keeping which I denied vehemently. We made love that night and I could see through his eyes that he was disappointed but I didn't know why. His actions and reactions the next day was cold towards me, he refused to eat breakfast before he went out. I went to see Fiwa the following afternoon after a makeup session and told her about Shina's new behavior.
"Riri, please, tell Shina about your past life. Why not come out clean" she advised.
"Fiwa, I'm confused. I'd lied but I can't afford to loose Shina. I love him and I don't see a future without him" I poured out. I was confused.
"You can't have a happy home being a liar. He will soon be aware of your lies. Stop being fake!!!"
"Do you want me to loose him"
"Just tell him about your past life and I'm sure he will forgive u."
"Fiwa, here is a man who broke his engagement because a woman confessed of having 2 abortions in his absence. Fiwa, I had 6 abortions" I said amidst cries.
"I'm ruined it all from the beginning" I went home shattered that day. I was not happy and I started living in fear. I knew sooner or later, my secrets would be exposed. Shina stopped making love to me but he continued loving me. In a few week, I forgot my dilemma and it happened!

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