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Wednesday, 25 April 2018


It was Bola. I was confused, she was followed by Diamond, I didn't know her real name.
"Here you are, husband snatcher!" I was confused, why would they gang up against me. "Wanna-be!!" Diamond clapped .
"What soap did u used? You used your village juju on my fiancée abi? I looked up,it was Bola who spoke.
" fiancée? "I asked looking shocked, I returned my gaze towards Fiwa, she was shocked also.
" I know you too well, Aderin. You purposely snatched my man. I'm not hear to listen to some craps.. I knew you lied, you think Shina can marry you. You're no saint, my dear."she said sitting on the stool.
"Riri, I know Shina is not aware of your past life, mine was better yet he left... So, get a life, sis. We've been together for over 15 years" "I'm giving you two good days. Leave my man!" She said as they stormed out. I was confused. I knew Amber Rose too well, Dummy was dangerous, Diamond was cunning. I knew my end is near, I smelt doom.
"Are you going to sit there all day" I heard Fiwa speak, it sounded like "are you going to die today?"
"Fiwa, what will happen to my relationship?" I asked
"Just get home and tell Shina about it. I warned you earlier... I do!" I was close to tears, I picked my bag and left her shop without any other words.
I got home and locked myself in the guest's room.I left a note on table telling Shina not to look for me, I told him I went to see my parents. I heard him reading it aloud,he called which I refused to pick. I was in the room for two good days trying to figure out what next to do, I was confused, shattered,tired and restless. I could not eat. I came out the third day fully prepared for the worst, I was going to tell Shina, I went to our bedroom, packed my clothes, showered and cooked. I was eating when Shina came in, he was surprised to see me and I could not conceal my sadness.
"Baby, what happened?" He asked.
"Just a slight headache,honey" I wanted to tell him about Bola but my tongue was tied. We ate together, and he suggested we see a movie, we sat on the couch but my mind was not there. I wanted to tell him but I was scared, scared of losing the man I loved, scared of breaking his heart. We sat for hours when we heard a car horned and the gateman opened the door. I was alert. Diamond and Bola came in without knocking, I froze.
"Whoa! Lovely apartment" Amber Rose commented as they took their seat. My heartbeat increased, I wished I could disappear or die.
"What are you doing here, Bola?" Shina asked silently.
"To see my fiancé and his drama queen" she replied grinning.
"I knew trouble was looping around when Dominique came. I knew she was a devil!" He shouted.
"Ayomi, we've been together for over fifteen years, why would you leave me for a cheap LovePeddler you met barely two months ago?"
"You know the answer, hoe. Moreover, watch your tongue!"He barked.
" you left me because I had two abortion while you were away? Ask her if she's a saint" shina and I exchanged glances.
"Hey miss, this is my woman. I know her quite well, she is not what she claimed she is"
"Shut your mouth, you dummy" I screamed!
"I knew of four times you committed abortions at Kibwas hospital in school, Riri. We met once" she said laughing wickedly. I froze, Shina froze, even the breeze froze. Shina stood up and went into the bedroom.
"Is that all? Are you done? Are you through? Homewrecker!" I barked.
"Oh! This is just the tip of the iceberg. Lowlifer!" She stood up and they left. I knew right there that it was over. I lost Shina, I lost the man who loved me. I went to the room but he had locked himself in the bathroom, so I picked my bag and left. I could not look into his eyes.I knew I betrayed him. I left without a goodbye. The only thing on my mind was suicide. I wanted to be crushed by a running trailer. I left his house that day and went back to my old house.

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