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Tuesday, 3 April 2018


My daily routine: I woke up before five every morning, pray,brush my teeth and have my bath. Making myself up was my morning duty, none of my neighbours had mistakenly seen my natural look, I concealed all blackspot and pimples, I was always looking fresh in my makeups and truthfully, most if not all of my hard earned money goes into my makeups, if I don't, how will I get more money? I rocked ombre lips better than most pro n models... After these, I go knocking on doors as I woke other tenants up before sweeping my room and veranda. If I had something to cook, better and if not, I would either eat at Mama Sikira or at Fiwa's place.. It depended on my pocket. I leave home exactly 6 in the morning alongside my neighbours if I had money and before 6 if I don't... Anyone who have ever been to Ado Ekiti will know Falegan is not far from Bank road, you don't have to pass through Ola Oluwa school... There's a shorter way of doing that*winks... I trekked down to Bank road and being a regular customer in most banks, I entered freely to check if there was any possible vacancy and sometimes to fetch customers
One fateful day, it was one of the unfortunate days I trekked down to bank road, I entered into Zenith bank and sat at the reception even when I had no business in the bank premises. I was lost in my own thought of how to handle my dangling debt coupled with the fact that my carowhite cream was finished, so was my loose powder and I needed to buy a fake Brazilian hair.
"Can you lend me your pen"
It sounded too angelic and I thought I was in heaven. I lifted my face to meet the gaze of a young looking handsome , oh no! guy... I won't call that face that of a man. I starred straight into that eyes for some few seconds trying to fathom what planet they fell from.. The man shifted a bit and looked back trying to know if I was actually staring at something else.

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