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Saturday, 28 April 2018


"Àbuù mi,you can't continue staying under our parents. You are the glory of this family and I know you won't put us to shame. Mòoòmi said you are into makeups"
"Baba gave me money to rent a shop for you in Oye Ekiti which I did, I've furnished it a little. Come with me to Oye and make money." He said.
"No, I don't want to be a makeup artist." I replied quietly and started sobbing. Shina paid my Makeup tuition and going into makeups would bring back old times. I followed my brother down to Oye Ekiti where I was to start my new phase of life after persuasion from my mother. My studio was situated in the student area and I was able to make lots of customers and had few apprentices
Kzee, my male apprentice was a 300l Sissy, he walked ,talked and behaved like a female. After makeups sessions or on our free times, we would gist and snap selfies with other apprentices. I wanted to download Jenifa's diary through his phone one cool afternoon when a call came in. The name that appeared on the screen was "Bro", it was an international number. I was shocked to see Shina's picture, I kept staring at the picture till Kzee collected the phone and picked his call. I was starring at him for over ten minutes before he ended the call.
"Riri, abeg why you dey look me that way?" I kept quiet. "Abi you don fall for my brother? See,my brother don marry o" he said grinning, I was shocked,heartbroken and scared, Shina was married. I knew I was close to tears so I picked my bag and went home. Kzee was confused so were others. I cried myself to bed that night. It was a bad day.
July 12th was my birthday, and 12th of July, 2016 was the best of my years, it was the day my destiny changed,my sadness faded away and a day history
was made. Mo, one of my students who was into cakes and pastries made me a makeup cake, Ruth decorated the studio with my pics and theirs, Kzee brought me a dress earlier and he said I must wear it for my birthday, I felt happy being around them and my sorrow faded away. Around 3pm, a white SUV halted in front of my studio and my parents and brother Emaanu alighted from it. I moved closer to them because I went to visit them that weekend, I was afraid something bad happened and confused because the vehicle was strange. Who was the stranger who brought my parents?
A talk, dark skinned man appeared from the vehicle smiling at me, I fainted!

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