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Wednesday, 4 April 2018


The man shook me repeatedly after seeing how blankly I was staring at him and shouted..
"Hello miss, are you alright" my heart melt. It sounded rather romantic than been worried. I came back seconds later and adjusted vehemently in my seat.
"Pardon my manners" I said in my best tone
"You look pale, what were you thinking of" he asked still looking worried.
"You asked for a pen" I said opening my bag searching for one. I handed it over to him as I waited patiently for my Princecharming. He was not the best of all handsome men but damnit! His skin was radiant and his voice could soften a hardened stone. I waited patiently for two hours before my Princecharming appeared again.
"I was worried you would have left" He said stretching his hand in a bid to return my UBA inscribed pen.. I received it two years ago while serving in Kebbi. It was the pen the manager of the bank I opened gave me, he was my man friend.
"I am stranded" It slipped rather too fast that I could not control it. My Princecharming stood rooted on a spot as he checked me out from head to toe...
"I thought you work here"
"No, I worked with ECOBANK"
"OH! The bank the Governor locked" he said out of pity.
"Let's get out of here" He said
"Pardon!" It sounded more like, "let us go to my house"
"Do you wanna stay here like forever" he gave me a puzzled look. I immediately stood up knowing fully well I had fumbled. This man was distracting me and I could not help it... I led and he followed closely. We got outside and I could see him more clearly, he was tall and well built... My exact type of man, he was wearing a white shirt, a black pair of trousers, a wine blazer and the sun could not have shone the way his black shoes were shining.
"You stare a lot. Follow me to my car" he made to move and I follow closely behind.

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