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Thursday, 5 April 2018


"You stare a lot. Follow me to my car" he made to move and I follow closely behind.
I followed him to his Car and we opted in, believe me, I knew I had hit a jackpot! This man was driving a G-wagon in this part of Nigeria. I started reminiscing and calculating those I was owing, my makeup kits, and all other expenses . I was lost in my thought that I did not noticed this guy had been talking to me.
"Are you alright" he shook me vehemently.
"Yes, I am" I shifted confortably and concentrated.
"Have been asking what your name is since and u were just staring at me blankly"
"Oh! I'm sorry. My name is Riri".
" Is that an Igbo name?"
"Shortened form of Aderinola"
"Oh! I am Shina, Shinaayomi" he added quickly.
"Where do you stay"
"My parents are based here in Ado but I'm based in lag even though I'm new in Nigeria" he explained calmly "I'll be in town for some couple of months"
"Oh really" I said smiling.
"What are you doing in the bank" he asked
"Ehm.... Ehm... I actually came to withdraw" I stammered
"To withdraw? But you said you're stranded" he said confusingly.
"Shina, it's a long story. Two things brought me to the bank, to withdraw and search for work. My parents promised to send me some cash today." I said soberly. That was one of the begging tactics I used on men.
"Eeya. Can I take you home"
"Home?" It was still some minutes to two and I am not expected to be home yet at least as a banker. I was lost in thought thinking of an excuse.
"You don't want me to know your house, Aderin" He asked looking dejected.
"Why not, I stay in Falegan" I said quickly as the thought of losing that handsome man crossed my mind.
Shinaayomi eventually took me home and gave me fifteen thousand naira with the promise to check on me the next day. It was my happiest day.

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