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Saturday, 7 April 2018


I could not enter my house before I rushed down to Fiwasaye's shop, I stopped and paid Mama Sikira my debt and also Bello. Bello was the mei tea at my junction.I would buy tea, noodles and bread and package it inside either Captain cook, Take away or chicken republic nylon. Don't ask me where I got them, I could be lucky to eat lunch there once in few months but to my neighbours, I eat there everyday! Fake life was the best to me! A lot of people accorded me with respect because I knew how best to"package" myself.
On getting to Fiwa's shop, I greeted her and handed her the sum of five thousand naira.
"Corporate Ashawo, wetin b dis"
"Stop calling me that! You have customers now" I replied angrily.
"No one is listening"
"Does that matters, walls have ears"
"Where you c money"
"How much am I owing"
" 3,765"
"Who's spending #5 in this period"
"You still have 1,235"
"Keep the change" I replied feeling fly
"Riri, who have you money"
"Iwa, you won't believe I'll be getting married soon" pardon me readers, In the "packaging" business, there is something you must know how to do well, it's "lying"... I, Aderinola can sell the whole Nigeria with lies. I' was born,bred and buttered in " LIES". My father could lie and my mother was always his witness so as we, the children.
"Who will marrying our Almighty corporate..."
"Shut it!" I shut her off
"Who is marrying our Riri" she asked rolling her eyes. She knew all my tactics, she was the torn in my flesh. She knew me better than my parents and she rolling her eyes meant one thing, She does not believe me.

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