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Sunday, 8 April 2018


I left Fiwa's shop and took a bike to Chuks, my makeup customer at the market. I was owing him the total sum of #550 which I paid and bought my loose powder and some essentials.(if you will agree with me: as either a makeup artist, or a makeup lover,never take more than you've budgeted to a makeup shop/studio or else you end up spending more than you have? I got some foodstuffs and soup ingredients and when I got home that evening, I had less than #2000. I was nervous that I could not sleep all through the night expecting Shina's cal which seems like a dream not coming true. I was home the next day after feigning sick to my neighbours. I decided against calling Shina and the day ended without a call or visit from him.I was disappointed throughout the week not seeing Shina and after a whole week of mourning Shina, I chose to move on. I dusted my CV and my trekking shoes and went back to the street. I was working down the street of GRA one hot Thursday afternoon lost in my own thoughts when a red car stopped by,at first I paid less attention to the car and walked passed it until the driver horned, I stopped to look at the driver but it was a tinted glass, knocked repeatedly but no response. I tried peeping through the tinted glass but all I could see is a couple arguing so I moved on,the car followed so I decided to pick a bike home. I had to borrow money from Mama Sikira to pay the biker rider. It was some minutes to 7 when a call came in and the caller asked to me to come outside. I was so eager to know who it was so I went so immediately

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