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Wednesday, 11 April 2018


It was Onome! Let me tell me a lil about Onome. Onome was a professional, dirty and shameless prostitute. She goes after everything under pants.. When I say pants, I mean PANTS. Panties ranging from boxers to pants. She was bisexual that is she does both males and females. It was through Onome that I knew it was through that Edo women loves pricks. She dated our landlord,our house agent,co-tenants and street guys. She cared less if you were married or single. She would date both husbands and wives and some even hired her for 2-3sums. She was a LovePeddler! But one thing about her, I was a thorn in her flesh. She never believed I was what I said I was, she would stalk me just to know my true identity but trust me, I was smarter. My makeups customers was hers, so was my "benddown select" customer.
Onome was discussing with Shina who was sitting on a stool and surrounded by my neighbours.
"I've met you somewhere" she was talking to Shina in a tone I've never seen her used on a guy.
"I? Where was that?"
"I don't know, where are you staying"
"I've been in this town."
"Oh... Maybe in Prosperous"
"I've never been there"" I'm new in this area"
"Oh really, where were you staying before. Maybe it was from there we met."
"Been in the states but was in Lagos earlier" This drew the attention I needed, my neighbours marvelled upon hearing Shina was from the states. I felt highlighted and earned more respect... Atleast as a banker dating a Londoner. I withdrew Shina from the crowd and took him in.
"You've got a nice apartment" he commented searching through my room.
"Your neighbours are fun to be with especially the fair lady"
"Be careful of her. She's dangerous."
"Someone here is jealous." He rolled his eyes blushing.
"About who and how?"
"You better tell me the truth. You're falling already..."
"What can I offer you..." That was my greatest mistake, why would I ask such question when I had nothing at home, not even sachet water. I blamed myself for trying to change the topic.
"Anything would do."
"But... But... I've nothing at home right now. Just planning to get some tomorrow."
"Is there any fast food close by?"
"Captain cook is at Fayose."
"Let's go there." Before I could say jack Robinson,he was up dragging me out.
"Do you want me to go out this way?" I asked immediately we got into the car.I was wearing a bumshot and croptop.
"I love my woman looking hot and sexy."
"But this is Ado not Lag or wherever."
"I care less."He ignited and off we went. I was reminiscing on the " my woman" thingy.

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