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Saturday, 14 April 2018


We got some food and Suya and ate, I wanted to ask if his car was the same I saw yesterday when his phone rang
"Get the Bleep off, I ain't coming home till u guys r in d right senses."
"You don't command me like some kids, I'm a grown up, man"
"I ain't in no hotels, I'm with my woman" I was alarmed.
"Believe me, you ain't seeing me till I return to the states."
"Get the Bleep of my phone" he said and hung up.
"Who was that?" I asked silently.
"My mum" he replied burning with fury.
"You mean you're addressing your mum like that?"
"Riri, I was the one you saw in the afternoon" he caught me off guard. I never knew he was reading my mind.
"How? Why didn't you talk to me then?"
"I was with that witch."he was now on his feet angrier than ever.
" Your mum?"
"Aderin, marry me." He stressed these word looking so pale. I didn't believed my ears,we'd seen for the second time and Londoner was talking about marriage. It sounded like "Aderin, maga me" rather than marry me.
"What are you talking about?" I asked trying to conceal the confusion written all over my face.
"Riri, when I met you, I felt this kinda chemistry you feel while in love. You see, I'm 31 and unmarried, I'm in Nigeria to get a wife but my parents ain't helping me."
"Marry me, we're getting married before next month ends and going back to the states in two months."
"Is that a command?"
"No, I'm being straight. I can't stoop to the level of wooing a woman. We're adults, matured adults"" I am going to take care of you. I wanna use you to get back to my parents"
"Your parents? How?
" Riri, I knew you saw the lady in my car! She was the hoe my parents want for me. How could they expect me to marry a lady all because we promised to love and marry each other while we were young... Accepted I deflowered her and she aborted my baby but she is a LovePeddler! She was going after all men in UNILAG while I was away and had several other abortions." He was now shouting so Loud that I feared my neighbours were eavesdropping.
"Yeah, I loved her but I love her no more. Riri, it's you I want"" you're so decent and promising." His last comment was a lie. I knew I was not decent, I was a corporate prostitute in UNILAG too. I was still into "ashewo business till that moment even if it was codedly.

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