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Monday, 2 April 2018


Chapter 35

    Katie poured herself a cup of coffee. The fifth she was having that day. Not because of the extremely cold weather but because she was thinking. Just thinking. Since the last trial, she couldn't help but think and think all day long. No one was home, Fred had gone to work, sure he had missed a lot on his business due to all of this. Tony went to God-knew-where. Frank and Linda had gone back to their home, they were to come back before the next trial, leaving only Katie to herself. She was meant to work, to report, it was what she did best but she just couldn't. She couldn't even compose a sentence of a punchline. Her office gave her just one month more to come back to the city with her report of Georgina. They heard about what happened to her son and how he had been released from jail. That's the problem, they weren't meant to 'hear', she was meant to be the one reporting but since she was caught up in her problems, she didn't have time to compose anything. They understood because she was involved in everything, but that wasn't for long and if she wasn't careful, she might lose her job.
     She thought of writing things about Georgina, but since she was her neice, well according to the public, it wouldn't be that relevant because they weren't in good terms. She was helpless. So helpless. She couldn't avenge her parents' death, she couldn't secure her properties and she couldn't even secure her love not to talk of her work. She was a failure, a total failure. She just couldn't do anything properly and successfully. She had to depend on others. Her mother didn't bring her up this way. Her mother taught her to be really strong and brave, not to be shaken by anyone, but she was just an epitome of cowardice.
    Katie poured her sixth cup as tears rolled down her eyes. She remembered her mum, how beautiful she had been. She was her role model and she had dreamt of growing up to be like her. Her dad, the strongest man alive. They had been one happy family and she wanted nothing else. Georgina took everything away from her. Everything! Katie was restless, right then she was more useless than anything of little worth. She let the tears run down freely now that she was alone at home. She had failed in everything, absolutely everything. She shouldn't be this weak, yet she was. She was too weak to do anything against her enemies. She had been betrayed, she had been ruined, raped, maltreated, yet, she was gonna let all of that go away? Without doing anything? She was nothing but a coward.
    Something jerked her up. It was the phone. It was ringing. It was an unknown number but she wasn't in the mood to talk to anyone. It stopped ringing and she saw fifteen missed calls, the phone was beside her since but she hadn't noticed it had been ringing for fifteen times. The caller was persistent so she decided to pick it. "Hello. Katie Laurens, who is this?" She said to the phone, there was no reply. "Hello... Hello" Not until the fifth time she said it that the caller spoke. She freezed at the familiar voice. Wayne? Why would he call her? Oh no, she shouldn't pick it. She was scared, what was he planning to do with her now? Was he going to torture her again? Katie freaked out. He was calling her, oh yeah he was. She stopped to think for a moment, was she suffering from trauma? Of all she had been through since childhood? Was that why she was so weak, because she was still caught up in her past? She was still engrossed in her fear that she lacked courage and strength. She shouldn't let that affect her, she should stand up against her past, it was the only way she could win.
    She looked at the phone, ringing for the fourth time since she cut it. She picked it. "Oh hey, finally you picked it. Great. Do you miss me baby?" Wayne's voice roared in her ears. "Maybe I should ask, do you miss jail?" Katie replied. Wayne laughed. She remembered the laughter from when he enjoyed torturing her, laughing and beating her, she spat in disgust. "What do you want?" She asked. "Straight to the point baby, meet me at Erickson road, right before the Junks store, there is a field, we can talk there. That's if you've got the guts. Baby remember you always ran away from me, every time, because you couldn't face me. Oh well, forget about that and come, let's discuss. If you aren't up for it, then, I will believe you are just like your former self, ever fearful, childish and foolish." Wayne said, laughing in between his words. Katie held the phone tightly. "When do you want to meet?" She asked in between her teeth. "Wow, didn't expect that, now!" It was all she needed to hear, she hung up and went to her room to write a letter to Fred that she was going to meet Wayne and if she wasn't back by the time he came, he could call the police. With that, she took her purse and phone then left. She drove to Erickson's and saw the field and parked right at the front. She walked to the centre but saw no one, absolutely no one. She wondered where he was. She waited a while, she hoped it wasn't a trap, the bastard would stoop to any level to prove himself.
   A sudden tap on her shoulder made her jump, she turned to look at the person, it was Wayne. Oh Wayne, they finally got to talk one on one since their last encounter. "Hey there baby, right on time." He said, smiling. He looked like a monster. Katie only had the chance to look at him at the court from far but never this close. He had beards all over, he looked terrible and plainly the opposite of handsome. What had he done to himself? "Well, I am here, what do you want to discuss about?" She asked, raising her chin up to show that she feared him no more. But deep down she did, she was afraid. She half expected some goons to surround them and hold her from behind while he raped her again and again. "Well, ignoring how sexy you have become, with the curves and all, I just wanted to make a deal with you, that's if you are in." He said. Katie waited patiently, a deal. What kind of deal? He sure needed something from her, if not, he wouldn't consider a deal with her at all. She was sure he would threaten her if she refused the deal, but why would she? She was up for this. "Spill." Katie muttered.
     "Katie we both know you have been through a lot in your life and you don't want it to continue that way, so do I." He started. "I never knew you had my best interests at heart." Katie interrupted. "I am still talking!" Wayne said harshly, scaring Katie and making her tremble. "As I was saying, I want you to withdraw this case against me and make me a free man forever and also forget about your properties. You like your life the way it was right? At Danpa, wouldn't you like to go back to that lifestyle and forget about properties and justice? Everything will go back to normal for you." Wayne said. The offer was enticing, really enticing but there was something wrong. How could she even think about his offer? He wanted to be free so he could hurt more girls? Once a criminal, always a criminal. How could she choose a normal life over the lives of other innocent girls? How could she let go of the properties her parents left for her? She couldn't be a good daughter while they were alive, would she throw their only properties away now just because of a damn normal life now that they were gone.? Hell no, she was too into this to go back now. "And what would my gain be?" Katie asked faintly. Wayne laughed out loud for a while, his voice echoed. Why the hell was he laughing?
     "What you will gain? Oh yes, I forgot that part. I will gain my freedom, but I won't be the only one, you will gain your own freedom, from me baby. I won't bother you anymore. I will stay away from you forever and you will have nothing to be scared of anymore." He replied. He thought she was scared of him, he knew she was. Was it so obvious? She was still affected by what he did to her in the past. And he said he wouldn't bother her? That was a great idea, it was sweet, it was perfect, but she would stand on her idea. "Why should I trust you? You could always come back anytime you want after you gained your freedom. Besides, what makes you think I am scared of you? Because I am way past that fear." She told him, but he just laughed again. Harder this time and for a longer period of time. He laughed and laughed. "You think you are strong now? Yet you couldn't secure your properties, you couldn't go against me, my sister and mother. You couldn't defend yourself and prove you were not hallucinating. Stop lying to yourself baby, you are worse than your former self. You are coated in fear. When you were young back then, you summoned up the courage to run away from me, but right now, you can't even do anything because you are weaker and more foolish and naive. You can't do anything and you can't stand up against me not to talk of face me, because you are still scared and will forever be scared. You are useless Katie, useless!" Wayne screamed in her ears. "So I would save you all of that if you did as I asked, you got till the next trial to think about my proposal, bye coward." Wayne said. Katie didn't even know how he left or which way he went. The truth of what he said shattered her, broke her into pieces, she was useless!!!!!!!!


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