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Tuesday, 10 April 2018


Chapter 36

    Katie waited patiently for Helena to talk as she went to the small bar to pour her a glass of champagne. They were in her new house, she had completed her house over the month and though it needed some final touching, it was beautiful. She had decorated the down floor beautifully, it was a two-storey building with a very big compound. She had spent a lot on the house and had hired servants. She lived alone but sometimes accepted visitors. The first sitting room in which they were right then, was beautiful. There were chandeliers of different colours everywhere, she made sure to install both heater and air conditioner. She had portraits everywhere, those from her parents' home which she had kept safely away before and those she got from Italy and Russia. They made the house look like her childhood home. She had everything she needed for a home in there and was perfectly satisfied. She brought the two glasses to the sofa where Helena was sitting and handed one to her before taking her seat. Her mind went to all she had done in the past month while still waiting for Helena to state what she visited for.
   After the encounter with Wayne, Katie had been broken and right then and there, she decided nothing was gonna stop her from achieving her goals. She booked wrestling classes, or should she call it, defence classes and she had been building herself to fight against anybody who attacked her. With the zeal and all, she learned fast to the surprise of her teacher. Not only that, she had hired the best hacker in Danpa to teach her everything she needed to know about computers and hacking. She wanted to be good with computers and to know everything about operating anything on the system. She achieved that and with regular practice, she was coming up to becoming almost like her tutor within one month. She had been really busy to think about anything, not even Fred except the time she had needed advice on her house and he had given it freely. She completed her house not long ago and moved in from Fred's place.
    She had also travelled to the city for a week and had gone to her office to submit the report she had written on Georgina. She made sure she wrote all she knew about her background, how she changed her name and about her family and sisters. It was a great report and the talk of the town owing to the fact that she didn't directly write anything negative about her presumed aunt despite all that was going on. She packed her things left there to her new house and was given a part time job at her office. She could travel once in a while to Danpa for her job there. But that was not for long, she planned on using her inheritance to make a  newspaper company of her own, it was going to be the best, the very best. Since she started hacking, she had been looking into Georgina, Helena and Wayne. She found out interesting things but nothing spectacular yet. She guessed their plans were still on hold since she refused Wayne's offer. She found out about the place they met, their rendezvous, and had even gone there to plant a bug so she could see and know everything going on there. She kept a track on Wayne, but he had just been drinking and probably enjoying his last days as a free man. She made sure he wasn't a threat to any girl. She had gotten many connections lately as she had attended parties, made friends and even joined clubs. She was gradually turning influential. She was running out of cash, a reminder that she needed to get her property fast. She hadn't forgotten about Jenny and Fred's mother, she was working on that too. She wasn't going to be useless, oh never, she was going to be the most powerful woman in Danpa after all her enemies were stuck in jail.
    Katie stopped to think about all she had achieved in just one month, alone! She was determined not to be scared of anything or anyone anymore. She was going to be strong, fearless, smart, courageous and everything her mother wanted her to be, it was just the beginning!!! "So are you gonna talk or we'd just look all day?" Katie asked Helena now. She was surprised Helena could come visit her and though she had been keeping track on her too, she never knew she would feel the need of visiting her. She wore a black nylon pants with a blue camisole and black jacket. She wore no jewelry, Katie noticed, but still looked beautiful. She had always been the beautiful one because she took care of her body more than anything she possessed. Katie had always felt overshadowed by her beauty while in school.
    "Kate.." Helena started but Katie stopped her. "Sorry who's that? I am Miss Laurens, and if that's too long for you, you can call me Madam for short. Don't forget you are in my house uninvited, so please follow the rules." Katie stated, sipping from her glass. "Sorry Madam." Helena replied, looking embarrassed. "Nice choice." Katie smiled and nodded for her to continue. "Actually, I came to discuss something important with you, about my mother." Helena continued. "Oh my God, she isn't dead, is she?" Katie faked concern. "No, but I wish she was." Helena spat out. Now that was pretty interesting, daughter going against mother? They hadn't met and neither had Helena called her mother in a month since she moved out to rent an apartment, so it was obviously her decision. Katie guessed they were having problems. "Ohhh, why?" Katie asked when it seemed like Helena wouldn't continue lest she asked. "I'm just fed up Katie. I am tired of her taking control of my life, right from when I was a child. She was the one who turned me against you, she was the same person who made me assist Wayne while he was maltreating you." Helena said. "So you just feigned concern for me?" Katie asked.
   She looked down. "I had to, it was what I was instructed to do. I knew everything about Wayne and I was the one who provided information about everything you planned on doing to him, that's the reason it never worked. And that night too, the night you ran away and I had faked my death. He knew what was going to happen and we never expected you to be as courageous as to run away yourself. We intended to destroy the evidence and to make you seem insane so our mother could get all her property back." Helena explained. No wonder their plans to run away from Wayne never worked out, he always knew everything even before they took a step and he always caught up with them all thanks to Helena. "Her property? It is my parents', so what the hell are you talking about? You guys enjoy taking what is not yours?" Katie was vexed at her use of 'her property'. What made it hers?
    "She said it is hers but your parents took it away from her and willed it to you. She said your mother was never part of their family, only she and her twin sister, Fred's mother. She said your mother took everything away from her." Helena said. Now that was really confusing. Since her mother wasn't part of the Diamonds, how could she get their property? But she wasn't gonna let Helena know how confused she was. "Your mother is a liar, a killer and a cheater, you really think I will believe her over mine? Impossible Helena. This property is mine and my parents gave it to me, your mother is trying to steal it from me after killing my parents. Let me make one thing clear, I will get my property back and will make you and your family pay for what they have done to my family!" Katie told her, not shifting a bit but making her words strong and commanding. "Katie....." Helena stopped after catching the displeasing eyes of Katie. "Sorry, Madam. Its why I came here, I am really very sorry, please forgive me for all I have done to you. I want to change and stop being under the influence of my mother. I want to be a good person. Please forgive me, I will help you catch my mother and send her to jail." Helena said. Katie laughed loudly, unable to stop herself. "So it has come to this now? Saving your own ass? I'm afraid I don't need an ally, and I don't need any help as I will also be sending you to jail for all you have done.!" Katie sipped the last of her drink. "Don't fret, you can sip your drink, I am not sending you there yet, so you can enjoy as much as you can sweetheart." Katie added, standing up now as a symbol that the meeting was over.
    "Katie please, sorry, Madam please. I promise I have changed. I hate the way mother treats me, she always bosses me around and always gets what she wants, she maltreats us, she doesn't listen to anything I have to say. I am tired of her Katie.... Um... Madam, I am fed up." Helena shouted after her. "Servant.... Kindly escort Miss Helena here to the door." Katie told the nearby servant and walked away, turning deaf ears to the cries of Helena. But one thing caught her ears. "She always turned us against you and your family and told us you guys were bad people and were always against us. She told us you guys killed our Father!!!!"

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