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Thursday, 12 April 2018


Chapter 37

     Katie sat down by her laptop with a cup of coffee. She had been there since 5 o' clock in the morning and now, it was 11am. She hadn't eaten but had just been drinking and drinking since. She was loosing more weight daily and not only because of her defence classes, but because she hardly ate. "Nora.... Nora, make me some breakfast." Katie ordered the servant without even looking away from her laptop. She couldn't stop searching. She had to know what happened that made Helena and her family think her parents killed their father. Katie knew her parents well, they couldn't kill. Could that be the reason Georgina was against her and her family? Because she thought her parents killed her husband? That could be pretty interesting. She would search for Georgina's marriage and how her husband died and where her own parents were on the day of the incidence. She would find out about everything that happened and the cause of Georgina's hatred, she knew something was behind it and the only person left alive to tell the story apart from Georgina was Fred's mother, Vanessa. Katie would find her anywhere she was and let her shed light to everything happening, then they would work towards evidence which will implicate Georgina and her crew.
   Katie searched further and found out that Georgina's husband was Curtis Jefferson and he died almost six months before her parents did. He died in Danpa, he was shot and till date, his killer hadn't been found. Who and what killed him? And why would Georgina think it was her parents? Something was wrong and she had to clear it. Her parents wee also in Danpa when Curtis was shot. Curtis was a business man and the more surprising thing was that, he was her father's rival. No no no, impossible!! Could it be that her father really killed Curtis? Was Georgina justified? Nooo, she would work harder on getting Vanessa out of wherever she was, she refused to believe.
   Her phone rang just as Nora brought her breakfast to her. It was Tony. Was there any update about the trial? The trial was being prolonged but that wasn't bad, it only gave Katie more time on her mission. She picked. "Hello Tony." She said into the phone. "Hey Katie, can we meet? I want to discuss with you." Tony's voice was faint and somehow naive like he was scared to talk to her. "About what?" Katie's fierce voice surpassed his. "Business, but mostly personal." Tony said. It was good he told her the truth because if he lied it was business and started talking personal, then she wouldn't be very nice with him. "I'm really busy right now Tony, some other time." Katie shunned him off. "Sorry but when will the some-other-time come? You say that every time I ask to see you when I call, that would be up to five times now. I wanna see you Katie, stop being unfair, we need to talk things out." Tony raised his voice a little to achieve emphasis. He was right and she had been ignoring him. She was being unfair to him but she was past caring. What was there to explain? That Fred and he had bailed on and had played her.? "Alright, let's see then. After my class and club meeting, I will see you. In the evening." Katie said. She needed to go for her defence class and the Strong Women Club meeting at 5pm. She would be done 8pm. "I will text the address to you, thanks Katie, this means a lot to me." She hung up after that.
   Since the last failed date with Fred, she hadn't gone on a date and she missed it. Not that she was too excited to go on a date with Tony but she needed to go out with a guy. It wasn't a sign of weakness, as her mind was telling her, it was simply maturity. Besides, it would boost her social life. She rounded up what she was doing on net, then prepared to go for her class. Three hours later, she was already exhausted and tired to the extent that she found it hard to drink water. Even her tutor was surprised on how she practiced three hours with other students non-stop, each taking turns with her. "Trust me Katie, if you continue this way, you are going to kill yourself, cool down babe, its no big deal. You see those ladies?" Henry, her tutor was saying, pointing to two beautiful ladies with whom she had fought. "They had been here six months before you and you are extremely better than them." He completed. Katie couldn't help staring at his shape all the time, it was obvious he had been building his body since he was young. He was extremely good looking and he had the perfect shape for a model, he had even asked her out. But she wasn't up for any romance at that point of her life, she wasn't like those two rich ladies, still with parents, attending defence classes just to act movies and knowing little about life. She couldn't compare herself to them, she had a lot to deal with than caring about others. "Henry there are certain things you don't joke with. In this life, you shouldn't take anything for granted. Things will be there one time, the other time, they are not." Katie replied, packing her things. "Wonderful, you strike me as a person who had been through a lot in life." Henry told her. She finished packing her stuffs. "Trust me Henry, lot is an understatement." She concluded and hugged him goodbye before leaving, preparing for her club meeting. She was still finding it hard to get along with those fashionable ladies of higher class in the association, most of them young, rich and married. But she made up her mind that soon, she was going to lead them. She drove home to refresh herself.
    She wasn't concerned about fashion as the other ladies who dressed to impress their colleagues and to make a good impression, spending nothing less than one hour on make-up, making the sum of three hours just to dress for an hour meeting. Katie spent thirty minutes dressing up and that was even plus the minutes she spent on her laptop. She drove to the association's venue, it was two blocks away from the town hall which was used last week. It was also close to Fred's house and the thought of seeing Fred made her stomach turn. She parked at the compound of Leville's joint where the meeting was taking place and walked inside the place. Different cars of different sorts were already parked there. She looked at her watch right then and noticed she was five minutes late. Evelyn Norway, the president of the association didn't approve of late coming and there was a fine for it. Well, she would pay. But Katie surely hated the way Evelyn looked at or treated her. She wasn't welcome and Evelyn made sure it was obvious but Katie was determined to join them.
   She met them all gathered sitted in a very big board room with chairs and a really round and long table. Bottled water facing each woman. There was just one empty chair there, Katie guessed it was for her since chairs were booked according to the number of members. There was silence as she entered. "Good evening everyone, sorry I'm late." Katie said as she made way to the empty chair, ignoring the scornful stare of thirty out of the fifty members present. She was about sitting down when she heard Evelyn's voice echo through the room. "Stop!" Katie stopped suddenly. All eyes went to Evelyn with all the shimmer and glamour at the centre of the room. Katie hated her with everything she stood for. The way she behaved like she was better than everyone mainly because her husband was one of the richest in town, or the way she talked like she controlled everything, it all irritated Katie. She wondered how she even became president, but looking at the way ladies flushed after her, it wasn't much of a mystery. She wasn't even forty yet.
    "Why?" Katie asked, ready to fire back at her. "Isn't the empty seat meant to be for me?" She asked. Some of the friends whom Katie had gotten acquainted with murmured in utter agreement. "Yes Evelyn, isn't the seat hers?" Irene, the youngest lady whom Katie had grown to like said in her defence. "First Katherine, I don't tolerate late coming, we all know that and its part of the rules and second, we have a new comer, and that's her seat." Evelyn said. Katie couldn't hold her anger but she tried to control it, she wasn't here to please anyone, she was only there to socialize. "Excuse me Evelyn, to start with, I know I am seven minutes late and I already paid my fine before coming here quite alright. Secondly, I don't remember reading in any part of the rules that when new comers arrived, the old ones should be deprived of their seats to please them. I also don't recall you loosing your chair to me when I first came." Katie fired back. The women tried to suppress their laughter at the sarcasm of her words, thereby making noise which angered Evelyn. Katie knew someone had never stood up to Evelyn till that day. "She is right Evelyn." A young brunette said from the far end of the roll. "Are you perharps going against me? I am the presi..." Katie didn't let her complete it. "Who is also guided by the rules of the association." She interrupted. "Don't you get it Katherine?" Evelyn stood up. "You aren't welcome here, no one needs you here." Katie didn't remember having any problems with this lady, she wondered why she was met with such cold treatment. "Evelyn, no one is here because she is 'needed', we are all here for a purpose and I am a member of this group with the right just as every other member, is that so hard to take in? Or you are just too old to understand?" Katie challenged, coming face to face with her. The women gasped. Katie smiled, still wondering why she wasn't accepted, but her doubts cleared and everything became meaningful when a voice said from the entrance. "You don't belong here Katie, don't you get it?" It was Georgina. No wonder. "Ladies, please welcome our new member, Miss Georgina." Evelyn passed by her to hug Georgina. Interesting, Georgina wanted to ruin her social life too? she wouldn't allow it. "And why is that?" Katie asked, raising her chin. "No one wants to associate with an orphan who seduces rich men just to make a name for herself." Georgina said. Katie smiled. "So they'd rather associate with an old woman, whom after three children is still called 'miss'? Whose son recently left jail and whose second son despises, whose daughter left her house? I doubt it." Katie snapped back. Laughter from everywhere filled the room, Georgina was actually being laughed at. Katie could feel her boiling.
    "You imbecile! You were the one who framed my son. You......." Georgina was shouting but her voice was suppressed by a much deeper voice which interrupted her. "You mean the son that rapes and maltreats young girls and derives joy from hurting people?" It was Fred!!! What the hell was he doing there?.

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