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Sunday, 15 April 2018


Chapter 38

     Fred waited patiently for everyone to take in what he said. He couldn't tolerate any harsh words against Katie and he wasn't going to. Not especially from Georgina. She seemed to be faring so fine and he wondered why he had to come to her defence when she didn't even need his help. Well, any man would do that. Any man who was still attracted to the girl he told he didn't love. He was going crazy, he couldn't think nor work properly and he couldn't get his mind off her. Never. No matter how he tried to get rid of her in his mind, he was never successful, she kept crawling back. For crying out loud he had told her he felt nothing for her and it was all meant to be really over but it wasn't. Seemed she had gotten over him but he hasn't, he couldn't. He had treated her unjustly, he knew, but normally he never cared about how girls felt when he used them, why was hers different? Hers had always been different right from time. Fred paused to look at the women in the hall. He also saw Evelyn, the same woman who had invited him as the special guest for their meeting. She never said anything about Georgina. Evelyn was his friend, her husband was a shareholder in his company, they became friends, thereby making his wife, Evelyn his friend too. Sometimes Fred couldn't help but think Evelyn was flirting with him, she always wanted to be noticed and here she was talking about good manners to Katie.
   "Excuse me but is this what the group is meant for? To insult and make new comers unwelcome? Why exactly is Katie not welcome here but Georgina is? You call this Strong women association but all I see here are weak women who are a disgrace to the society. You are meant to bring women closer to others. To associate, to mingle and to build strong women out of weak ones. First, you limit the entrance of women according to their wealth, then you insult those who managed to join just to please new comers? I'm sure your husband will be extremely pleased to hear this Evelyn. I should pay him a visit." He said to them, making sure he emphasised on his words to make a point, or maybe to impress Katie who refused to look at him. "Please Fred, please don't tell him anything, I beg you." Evelyn ran to meet him, she was very scared of being sent out of her marriage, how would she live large after a divorce? Her whole life depended on her husband's wealth and Fred knew that quite alright. "This isn't what the asociatom is for, judging by the way women of this town think about and are influenced by this association, I have come to the conclusion that meetings of this association be put on hold till all of you have gone back to your senses to rethink what the association was created for. If there is any meeting, I will report to the cops and you all will be sued for abuse or I can take it to the Men Organisation where most of your husbands are. It's all I have to say, Katie let's go." Fred concluded and he meant it, he really meant everything he said. He would do all of that for Katie, sure he would, and he was starting to think it was a wrong idea leaving her alone. He wanted her and he would defend her any time and any where. He was emotionally her slave already. Maybe she could even give him a second chance.
    Katie looked at him then and hesitated before responding, but finally did. "And Georgina, we would do something about your manners." He said to the old lady before walking out with Katie. He heard the women stand up to leave too. He smiled as he walked alongside Katie to his car with a sense of possessiveness harbouring his mind. She was quiet till they got to the car and she hardly looked at him, he told her to enter and she did, he turned to join her. They both sat in the car for a while without talking. Katie had changed him in a way he could never have imagined, in a way no one had. She had changed everything about him. The way he reasoned, the way he flirt. All of that had changed. He didn't flirt anymore and he never looked at women. As much as he didn't want to admit, Katie had changed a lot about him. He had started feeling, hurt, anger, depression, happiness and even love. But he wasn't ready to admit he could love.
    "You didn't have to do that, you had no right to interfere in that." Katie started when she noticed he wasn't going to speak first. Fred was shocked at both the words and the fierceness of it. Not that he was particularly expecting thanks but he didn't expect to be blamed for what he did. "Katie...." He started. "I had it all under control, I didn't need your help. I could handle them but you just came and spoilt everything just like that. You had no right to threaten Evelyn, she is the president and you also have no right to cancel the meetings. You are just impossible." Katie said. In a way, he felt hurt. He didn't know why. Words didn't affect him but these did, they touched and shattered him. He had wronged her but he never expected to be treated with such coldness. "Katie I just couldn't bear you being humiliated." He tried to defend himself. "Why? You don't love me, you don't care, so why exactly would you bother? I am not your responsibility and for your information, I can take care of myself." She said. Fred could see the disgust in her eyes, the same eyes that had shown love for him. He missed those eyes, he missed the way she looked at him. He missed the way he touched her, he missed the way they had sex, the best sex he had. He realize all of that now. "That's a lie Katie, I care about you, I care about everything concerning you and I won't let anything hurt you." He tried to convince her. He wasn't romantic, at least not to the point of him meaning anything he said, but he meant this. "Well, its a pity I don't care anymore, I'm past caring." She said and opened the door. He tried to stop her. "where are you going to? Let me drop you." He told her feeling hurt, the feeling he hadn't felt since his mother left him. "No thanks, I have a car, and a date with Tony. Bye." She said and left, leaving him speechless. Date? A date!!! She was going on a date with Tony? He couldn't believe it. They were dating? It took a moment before Fred got himself back to normal, why did he care anyway? Was he jealous? Hell no, he wasn't. He couldn't be, why should he be? He tried to make light of the situation but he just couldn't, he couldn't.
    He should get going to where he was going. He had been working on finding his mom. The cops were of no help, they couldn't search for someone who was presumed dead. Georgina planned it all well. But he was also smart and he had been following every clue he saw. From where his mother had eaten, he had traced the place on the map and had seen possible places where they could have gone. Thankfully the places it led to were narrow and mysteriously leading to just one place, the woods with a house located at the peak. He was going there now to search for any clue and God helped him, his mother might be there. He turned on his engine and drove off. The place was just an hour's journey and he got there quick, thinking all the way about Katie and her date with Tony. What will she be doing? Would they kiss? Or maybe go to her or his house to have sex? The idea freaked him out. They had dated before but that was long before he met her. He had to admit that deep down inside him, he was jealous. He got to the woods and parked far away from the house to avoid being spotted, he trekked his way down to the house. Everywhere was quiet, unusually quiet. Even the wood insects seemed to have used sleeping pills. Fred went closer to the house, it was far, very far from the main road, far from the way it was drawn on the map.
    He finally got to the house and entered, praying a little before entering. He needed it, and if prayer worked, he would be save. He thought. Everywhere was quiet, too quiet. In a way that made noise. He searched further, the rooms and passages were all empty. He had expected to see different types of equipment for their operation. He still hoped to find something interesting so he climbed the stairs, that was where he started seeing stuffs. He got to a place meant to be the living room but empty in a way. He saw portraits of Helena and her mother there. It looked like they were just packing into the house. Just like the last place he visited, he saw plates recently used to eat and some clothes on ground. Some were for female and some were for male. He saw a tv set and a wardrobe, it was obvious someone was living there, could it be that was the place Georgina was keeping her hostages? "Son!" Fred paused for a moment to be sure it was his mother's voice he heard. His mother! She was there. What a miracle. He hoped it wasn't a trap. He turned and it was really his mother in the same clothes she wore the last time he saw her.
   Then suddenly, he didn't know where it came from or how it happened or what exactly it was that hit him, he just felt a throb on his head with a sharp pain and the next thing, he was...... Gone.

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