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Wednesday, 18 April 2018


Chapter 39
    Katie sat down confidently opposite Tony Lorrel in her red off-shouldered gown with a big love moulded with petals right under her breasts. The upper part of the gown made her cleavage visible with some part of her tits coming up to eye all guys. It was a long gown, slim fitted to her knees but flay at the lower part with beautiful cotton of silver flowing all around her feet. She wore a shining silver necklace that matched her earrings. Her blonde hair was shimmering alongside her jewelry and though her make-up was purposefully small, she looked extravagant and superb, just like other women would look to a date. She confused Tony, she knew. Because he knew she never dressed that way but she had changed, she didn't care what anyone thought about her anymore. She did whatever she liked now at any time. She was past caring what others thought of her. She gained the attention of many guys at the restaurant which Tony had texted to her earlier. She had a great shape, she knew, and the cloth brought it out. She now bought and sewed her clothes from a special and personal designer. Everything had changed!
   She looked at Tony now as the waiter gave them two menu cards. Tony wasn't looking bad too, he had always been handsome and when they were dating, all girls had eyes for him that it was hard to keep him to herself. She had loved him, loved him so much but he had been using her at the command of someone. It wasn't his fault, she knew that now, but he still used her and no explanation could heal what she felt that night when they broke up and she knew what he thought of her. Now she thought of the times they spent together at the city. They had been really close. They had spent most of their time together, always hanging around together. Going out with him now made her feel again, what she hadn't felt in a long while. She didn't want to suppress the feeling and when she tried to, the thoughts of what he had been going through while spending time with her, coping with the death of his brother and the kidnapping of his sister with the current state of his mother filled her mind and she couldn't help but allowing her feel for him. He had been the one calling and talking to her over the month though she always ignored him, he was persistent. He still had the innocence in his eyes and Katie felt free with him than any other person. "You look stunning Katie, spectacular." He told her after they had ordered. "Thanks Tony." She replied. The waiter brought their order shortly. "I get it you've been busy for some time now." He continued. "Oh yes. I am facing too much to be idle, you should know that better than anyone. And I get you are not relenting in your effort to bring Jenny back, guess we are in the same shoes." Katie said gently cutting the pancakes and putting some in her mouth. "Yeah, since I stopped working for Georgina, been scared she would do something to Jenny the way she did to my brother. I gat a detective on my side and he has been helping me track her and get evidence against Georgina. I went to visit my mother last week, her state has become worse Katie, worse. She wanna see her daughter. She has turned into something else, I couldn't recognise her. Georgina ruined her life, she ruined our lives." Tony said. Katie looked at him keenly and saw the sadness in his eyes. She couldn't console him, she won't. What she was going to do, was bring Jenny back, she promised herself. "We will get her back, I assure you we will get her back and make that bitch pay for all of her crimes. I promise you." Katie said between her teeth. Tony nodded. They ate in silence for a while. When they were done and waiters had cleared their table, Tony started again.
    "Katie, you never told me everything about yourself when we were dating." He said. "Well you never cared to know." Retorted Katie. "You understand the situation I was in then." He defended and when Katie nodded, continued. "I want to know what happened to your parents. I want to know how they died and left you an orphan and how Georgina and Linda came into your life. I want to know everything Katie." He said. She never told anyone about how her parents died, she never did. She always edited that part and even when the cops were investigating and collected her statement, she never said a word about what really happened. The way Tony asked her made her wanna pour everything out. She had been living with the burden since she was a kid, maybe it was time she let it out, she hoped she wouldn't cry. A part of her drew closer to Tony, wanting to share everything with him, she felt attached, strangely attached. In every way, she blamed herself for all that happened to her parents. It was her fault and it would continue to be her fault, maybe that was the reason she couldn't share with anyone. Maybe if she hadn't been careless that night, that unfortunate night, her parents wouldn't have died. "It was my fault, my fault Tony. You know the reason why I never told anyone what happened? It's because I killed them, I was the one who killed my own parents." Katie started, pausing a little while Tony used the opportunity to console her. "Whatever happened, I am sure it wasn't your fault, don't blame yourself hunny, don't." He said. She didn't listen, she continued anyway.
     "That night I went to a party with my friends, I hardly went out. My mum hardly let me out of her sight, she never made me go anywhere. She was always concerned bout my wellbeing. She knew all my friends and their parents, still she never let me stay out late. I was young and she always told me the world is wicked and cruel. I always played that she would always be the villain, now I know that all she said was true." Katie swallowed before continuing. "Tony she warned me that night not to go out, she said I was still young to go out then, I was just twelve for crying out loud. But other girls my age were allowed to go out, my friends were going for the party. I couldn't be left out like before. So for the first time, I disobeyed mum, I called her all sorts of names." Katie wiped her tears. She had called her mum too old-fashioned to understand what was popping in the new age, she called her mum ignorant and not caring for her, she remembered the way mother was heartbroken, the way she had smiled and told her to go but felt sad inside, Katie had not cared, she had left anyway. "She let me go and I went. I had fun, we played and all. No adult was available at the house of the girl who held the party. So we did different stuffs. We drank and drank. It was the first time I drank alcohol, mum always warned me against it and I refused at first. But my friends were tempting, they all drank so I didn't want to be left out, I drank too. I found it good so I drank a lot till I didn't get myself anymore. I had to be taken home. My friends did, they were used to drinking and didn't get affected, only I did. I don't even know how they took me home but I remember when I got home then, it was so late at night, the lights had gone off, mum and dad were both asleep. So I went inside and straight to my room without waking anyone up, I dunno how I slept off but I did. I think it wasn't that deep. Cos something strange happened." Katie paused for a moment. Its been long but she still remembered every detail clearly. She had not even removed her cloths when she slept off, she had not been herself at all.
    "I thought I had a dream where I heard footsteps pass by my room to the other rooms, one of which my parents were sleeping in. Then I heard sounds, hard noise and my name being called. Until someone screamed my name before I realized I wasn't dreaming. I woke up and continued hearing noise. I couldn't think clearly because I was high so I couldn't decipher what type of noise it was. I thought it was mum watching her noisy action movie. Except that Katie was never in any of her movies. That got me out of my bed, and just to clear my doubts, I went to check. I came out of my room, hardly standing well, just in time to get a glimpse of two men in black suits walking out of our house. It felt strange, at that time of the night. But I still couldn't think straight, I tried calling them back but they wouldn't turn. I tried chasing but I fell off midway. So I let it go and decided to go check mum and dad and ask them. I got to their room and.......and they were already dead, murdered in cold blood." Katie cleaned her eyes now with the handkerchief Tony handed her in order not to gain any attention since her entrance and presence were already flashy. It still hurt and she couldn't help but think that if she hadn't been drunk, she would have called for help and might have saved her parents from being killed. Or might have recognized the faces of those men. For many nights after she kept hearing the voice of her mum calling her for help. "It was my fault. I should have listened to mum, I should have heeded her words, I shouldn't have gotten drunk. If I hadn't been, I would have been in my right senses to think up something, but no, I killed them." She wouldn't let her past affect her now, no matter how much it hurt. She wasn't the same Katie anymore, she was stronger. "You wanna prove its not your fault? You wanna make the person who killed your parents rot in jail? You wanna avenge their death? Then its not by crying because nothing is your fault here, you should be happy they didn't kill you too." Tony talked for the first time since she started. He had let her pour everything out without interrupting and she was grateful. "Yes Tony, that's exactly what I am going to do. Just wait and see." She said.
    "Wait a minute, those guys in black weren't caught? No one knew or saw their faces?" He asked and she shook her head. "What of the security cameras?" He asked again. "Well no one checked that, we were all too busy mourning their death and the police didn't in the least seem interested, they feigned it." Katie replied. "Because they had been bribed by Georgina the same way she bribed the social officials to put you in Linda's care. That must be it." Tony suggested. That was very much possible. She was taken away from her home and everything that till now, she never knew where her parents were buried. Georgina planned everything. "How do you say we do our own investigation and dig deep into this to expose her and everyone involved?" Tony proposed, she winked and they got up to leave. She was starting to like him.

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