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Saturday, 21 April 2018


Chapter 40

    Katie and Tony hung around quite often after their date. First was to the cinema, next was to the gallery, another on sightseeing, one was to have breakfast. They had fun together and Tony made her smile all the time. Those activities never altered her daily work, they just boosted her morale. They worked together, they searched together, they put heads together and even dined together. Tony lifted her burden away from her shoulders and gave her a reason to stand up and live up to her mother's expectations. She shared stuffs with him and he shared too. They became best friends. He always got her back and was always there when she needed him. That was the difference between when they wee dating the last time and now, he was committed, the problem was she wasn't. She wasn't taking her chances with any guy but everything in her body wanted her to give Tony a chance since he didn't make the first mistake on purpose. Besides, not every guy is Fred. But she still enjoyed his company and the way they did things together. She had someone to laugh with, she had someone to have fun with, Tony was all she wanted in a guy. But something was wrong, something was wrong. She didn't love him, couldn't bring herself to no matter how she tried. There was no connection between them, no attraction, she didn't love him like before, maybe that was why they remained friends. She cared about him though, she did and that was all she needed.
    He was in her house presently, he was having a sleepover so they could work overnight. They needed to check the security cameras in her parents' house but since its been years ago and the house had been abandoned for years, it was hard to gain access from another source, the source that was from them. So they intended on searching at midnight when all the servers would be less in use and maybe Katie could hack into the server and gain access. If it worked, they would be able to replay all that happened that night. Katie just came back from defence classes and she settled with Tony to eat lunch. "Oh Madam, this food smells great." Tony teased. "Told you to stop calling me that, silly." She chuckled as she started eating. "Why madam? Only Helena is allowed to or what? You should know ma'am, the name suits you well." He said as he too started to eat. "You crazy, you know that." She shook her head, smiling. "Crazy bout you." He replied, she just kept quiet and they ate in silence. "When will Frank be coming back and how long is the court gonna take on Wayne and Fred's case?" Katie asked some minutes later. "I checked two days ago and I think the hearing would be some weeks from now. Its being postponed because no one has paid the fees." Tony replied. "Good, buys us more time to gather enough evidence to send them all to jail at once. And Frank?" Katie asked. "He is kinda busy with his work but he promised not to miss the trial. Its better he stayed away so Georgina would not be able to make him a witness or threaten him with Jenny. I wonder why she hasn't paid the fees if she really wants to send Fred to jail." Tony remarked. Katie was lost in thoughts for a moment. "Maybe that's not her plan afterall. Like for real I wonder what she might be planning right now and I sincerely hope I'm ready for any attack she might place." She said. She felt Tony's hand on hers. "Don't worry, you are the strongest Lady in the world." He told her and she smiled. He had told him about what Helena said about her father, whom she found out to be Curtis and they were still gonna find out what really happened to Georgina's husband and why she blamed Katie's parents for it. They had a lot on their hands.
    "Katie....." Tony called as she was about walking to her room to rest after lunch. Something he himself convinced her to do. "Not Madam? Interesting." She smiled but his face had changed.  "I wanna talk to you, our last conversation before that operation, we didn't get to complete and now that we close, I am obliged to ask." He started as they both had their seats. Of course she knew what he was talking about, maybe it was the right time to talk about it. Besides, she wasn't feeling sleepy in the first place. "Oh yeah." She muttered. "Katie you said something about spilling the beans, what exactly did Fred tell you that made you act strictly towards me? What game were you talking about?" He asked. "Well you should be the one telling me about the game you had with Fred about playing me and knowing who would win me first, please talk." She said back. He sighed and paused for a while. "You are getting it all wrong Katie, you are getting everything all wrong and whatever Fred told you might be from his side, not mine. Actually I was still working for Georgina then but I had started having plans of going against her and telling you the whole truth. I won't lie to you Katie, I wasn't under pressure or whatever when I made that deal with Fred. The only way to get you on my side so I could tell you the whole truth was by getting close to you once again, and that wasn't possible when I noticed you were already attracted to Fred. Look how you reacted when I tried to talk to you, you would never have heard me out nor believed me, that was how I used Georgina's sources to get in touch with Fred and I found out about your date, the only way to meet you again was on the date, so I pretended it was a coincidence that I appeared at the venue of your date. I had the opportunity to get close to you. I made the deal to know how far Fred could go with you and the chances I had with you. I never intended on playing you. I was already in love with you then, believe me Katie, I was. Maybe it was Fred's intention but it was definitely not mine." Tony said. Katie's heart beat fast, she had been wrong about him and right now she knew he was telling the truth, he had the same eyes he had when he was telling her everything about his life. Maybe he hadn't been playing her afterall, her heart melted towards him. But she couldn't love him, she didn't even think she could love again, she would never allow herself to, never, but she intended on having a relationship with this guy. Love wasn't all that mattered in a relationship, love wasn't essential in a relationship. When there is respect, friendship, trust, care and companionship -she and Tony already had all that in common- it would work out just fine, life already taught her that, she wasn't the same girl that used to dream about loving her right man and living happily ever after, life doesn't give one happiness, one gets it by oneself.
    "I'm sorry for misjudging you, I am so sorry." She murmured as he drew her close to him. "Its okay madam." He teased and before she could smile, his lips landed on hers and they were caught up in a passionate kiss. That afternoon they had sex for the first time, oh they did, it was intense and pure.
    They both woke up late in the evening on the bed smiling unendingly at their new found relationship. They were both happy, that was all that mattered. "Guess we should continue searching, we might be lucky this time around." Katie said, trying to get out of bed but was held back by Tony. "Oh madam, I still wanna stay with you for five more minutes." Tony said, kissing her arm. "Oh Mr, you said that twenty five minutes ago, common get up now and let's get to work." She waved his hand off and stood up to get dressed. "What can I do? You are the madam." He feigned a disappointed baby face which made Katie laugh before growling at him to get up. "Okay okay." They both dressed up and went to her study room to their different computers. They got to work, Katie was busy trying to gain access by hacking the server while Tony was tracing the possible locations where Georgina could be keeping her hostages. Also while waiting for access, Katie tried to know more about Curtis and his unfortunate death. They ate some snacks while working.
    "I got it, yes, I got it Tony. I'm in." Katie screamed and jumped up hard just as the screen showed 'access granted'.  Tony rushed to meet her. "Wow Katie, brilliant, wooow. How did you get it?" He asked. Katie drank from her glass of juice and sighed before replying. "It was guided by the police force security all long. Georgina paid them to keep her secret. I just thought about the police and how they hadn't investigated further on my parents' death, then I hacked through their security system and boom, access was granted." She explained and stood up to embrace and kiss Tony. They settled down to check the activities of that night. As they were about to, Katie's phone rang and she regretted not switching it off to avoid disturbance. Tony urged her to answer. She picked and was shocked at the message she received. She freezed. Tony asked her impatiently to tell him what was wrong but she was void. She later found her voice. "Fred is missing, he has been missing for the past week."


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